Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Polymeri Online 28.12.11 | Irregular polymer earrings, Particles necklace, Nuna the cat and Naive jewelry

Jillian Moore designs has special irregular amorphous shapes, earrings, beads, brooches, no standard beads and jewelry in her gallery, she works with polymer clay, resin, paints and sometimes foam to build her ooak designs.

Veruschka is the artist behind Veru Designs polymer clay jewelry, There is a very unique story that precedes the birth of every necklace, bracelet or ring which determines its shape, size, coloring and meaning. According to her, In the necklace shown here, it's "the beauty of tiny creatures in the microscopic universe: particles, bacteria, viruses, etc. Each of the five "bulbs" in this necklace are inspired by a handful of these strangely creatures, in an effort to make this invisible world visible to the human eye".

Kathy De WitSint-Pauwels from Belgium is an illustrator, designer and dreamer lives in a little village in the northern part of Belgium. NUNA was born out of polymer clay and hand painted with acrylics. I admire such kind of painting, it's amazing how many details in such a small piece!

Matilda Broz is from Stockholm, but living in sunny Montenegro, like many of the artists she got an university degree in another field (law), but upon realizing that law is not for her she dedicate her energy to design. She works as a graphic designer in an advertising company, but in her spare time she plays with fimo and wire. Her Etsy and Flickr are full of hand painted delights, cute designs that reminds me children books. I loved her birds studs!

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

To all my dear polymer clay friends,

From warm and sunny Israel, I am wishing you all a wonderful, warm holiday, with lot's of creative spirit in heart for the coming 2012!

and a moment before the holiday is at your door step, here is a cute tutorial, by Wendy Orlowski.
Something to play with on your holiday vacation :)

Best wishes for a joyous holiday season,
Have a great time!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Polymeri Online 20.12.11 | Christmas & Hannuka, Poinsettia cane tutorial, Lemon's teeth, Crochet "finger" and Christmas tree ornament tutorial

Everywhere I go online I see Christmas or Hannuka designs and ideas, dreidels, Christmas ornaments, menorahs - Festive and holiday-ish! :) Here is another decor celebration by CrazyKwilter made with the Stroppel cane,

and Filigree decorations by Amber Elledge

Gifts, decorations - Lot's of preperations for the holidays! I hope you're not too exhausted!
Another holiday themed project is offered in Sandy's blog - A Poinsettia cane tutorial
I also loved her idea for the Flower variegated cane tutorial -

Moving to another thing -This lemon bag is something. I found it in Teia Fetescu blog and had to take another look. Teia is so funny and writes so well! The story starts with a dog called lemon who started to loose it's baby teeth, Her friend came up with an idea to incorporate them into a clay piece to preserve them so he made a lemon head around a metallic tea strainer and used Lemon’s tooth for the face. When it was ready he used it a scented bag in his car. What was surprising to Teia is that the teeth were not oven proof! they cracked while baking! A bit funny - don't you think? This is such an original idea I had to share with you!

And last, more related to the previous holiday - Halloween - take a look at this polymer "finger" crochet hook by Marlene Brady. It's so funny! She almost fooled me! :)

Really last - I am reminding you about my free Christmas tree ornament tutorial offered in YouTube -

Have a great Hannuka and a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Polymeri Online 12.12.11 | Crown pin, Gauged ears earrings, Embossed pendant tutorial, Fun memory game & Enchanted Garden giveaway

Getting ready for the holiday, here is a super cute polymer clay crown pin for a little princess by Daria. Daria is from Kyiv, Ukraine and designs stuff as far as she remembers, first clothes and accessories for her dolls, fabric flowers, drawing, beading and so much more! she graduated from Fine arts school but choose another way and has PhD in molecular biology. Now, as a stay at home mom, she finds the time to create jewelry, some with polymer clay.

These earrings by PeachTreats made me take a 2nd look. At first, I couldn't find how to insert them into the ear, then I realized, that she makes earrings for both gauged ears and for regular pierced ears. if you aren’t sure what she means by “gauged ears”—that is when the earring hole is stretched. They are all made of polymer clay!

Elsita posted an interesting tutorial on using both paper and polymer to create an interesting pendant. She is tracing a drawing on paper, cutting and pressing the paper against the polymer to create an embossed design. Looks like a wonderful project!

Here is a fun memory game project, originally not created with polymer clay but we can do the same with clay. Take identical coins (use the smallest exchange you have) and glue on it a pre-baked polymer clay design that matches in size and color or pattern - 2 of each. Now you have a wonderful memory game to play with the children!

I was a "proud mom" this week! 2 of my students - Fimomaus and chiccolove made wonderful "Enchanted Garden" canes and even held a competition between them who's going to be first to create them all! They were sure fast like a pasta machine motor! :)

The "Enchanted Garden" special holiday sale is still on with few giveaway sets left!

Friday, December 2, 2011

How a trip to the gardening nursery gave birth to 14 new canes

The Enchanted Garden project was born after a visit to a gardening nursery.
My friend was celebrating her birthday and when I asked her what is her preferred gift, she said - "buy me a nice plant for my living room, something to grow indoors".

While looking around for the right plant, I noticed one special plant with unusual leaf shape and pattern. This leaf almost looked like plastic! I couldn't believe such a plant is real, so I asked the salesman and he told me it's name was "Maranta", "Red Maranta" plant.

That sparkled an idea in my mind -
I'll create a special tutorial for unique, fantasy leaves canes!

I started a quest in search for exotic flowers and leaves, transforming them to polymer clay canes.
Advanced, sophisticated, un-usual, imaginary designs with surprising colors you won't see in nature.

When I sat at my clay table, I started with the traditional "greens" and slowly found myself "wandering" towards vibrant colors and "delicious" patterns. Planning is one thing and muse is a whole different matter.

All these fun experiments produced 14 quality classes for creating magical leaf canes.
After creating several leaves, I started playing with them, shaping them into flowers and they looked beautiful! Leaves that turn into petals that turn into flowers!
Create one cane - get 3 options! Leaves, petals & flowers!

In this new set of tutorials, there are no traditional everyday flowers!
In the "Enchanted Garden" you will discover imaginary, marvelous canes that will spark your inspiration and give you endless new ideas for your next designs and polymer clay projects.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Polymeri Online 28.11.11 | Doll pins, Flower buds, Israel inspired quilt & Cool stylus tool

Pilar (previously featured) posted some of her cool doll pins (or pendants) made of polymer clay mixed with fabric and metal as a base. There are bunch of those in her flickr gallery so don't miss it, they are so cute.

Julie VanDuren made beautiful flower buds made of polymer clay. Millefiori canes and textured sheets all curled up into a beautiful bouquet.
Don't miss her Gerbera flowers posted on facebook, they look almost real!

Mira Krispil from the Israeli polymer clay guild posted a link to a video showing Laurie Mika's work, which was presented in the Talmadge Art Show in San Diego. The art show featured 83 artists doing handmade, recycled art using materials used for other purposes before.
Laurie's work was a quilt inspired by her trip to Israel and included salt from the dead sea, tiles and more, roll forward to 3:28 minutes in the video. The show took place on November 20th.
Wish I had a better photo of the piece, I'm sure it's amazing as her other quilts.

Another link by Mira was this site - showing a VERY cool blade - Stylus QuickArt to use with metal clay but seems to fit polymer clay as well. Looks tempting - right? This site has some neat tools for you guys, I'm sure you'll add it to your wishlist.

That's all for this week! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Polymeri Online 20.11.11 | Treasure box pendant, Christmas tiny magnets, Experimenting with translucent clays and an Elephant cane

Russian EvraZhka (Karina) posted a cool treasure box pendant tutorial along with diagrams and detailed info. You'll need to translate this page, I am using my chrome translator to translate the page from Russian to English.

Cathy DiGiovanni is making Christmas magnets & pins for over a month now, take a look at these cute magnets decorating her fridge!

Italian Francesca Di Cesare (MoKuCrea) experimented with translucent clays and shows her results in her flickr gallery. Her experiment is showing different clay types, in various curing temperatures over a sheet of book showing us it's translucency. Pardo, Kato, Cernit, Premo, Fimo - all the polymer "gang" is there.
among her tests she is also enjoying her time with polymer clay art

Take a look at this amazing elephant cane tutorial by kalinkapolinka. According to her it is not as good as she expected (I disagree!) and it's for those who already tried to make pictured cane and understand the basic techniques.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Video - Filling a metal bezel with polymer clay

My sister is moving to a new home and asked me to create "mezuzah" (doorpost) to her house doors (in fact, I made 14 of them).
In jewish tradition the mezuzah cases are placed on every doorway at home apart from bathrooms. Inside the metal mezuzah there is a piece of parchment inscribed with specified Hebrew verses from the Torah. The mezuzah is also a symbol of Gods watchful care over the home.

While I was working, I kept the camera working and here is a short tutorial on how to place polymer clay design inside a metal bezel - in my case it's a mezuzah case but you can do the same with any metal bezel.

All you have to do is measure the size of the inside space of your bezel and draw it on a paper (white or parchment), then create your design.
I made a simple geometric pattern made of silver clay, square skinner blend cane and stripes cane. The design was placed on a second sheet (background) and then flatten a bit to tighten well to the background sheet.

Liquid polymer clay was placed on the metal bezel and the design is placed inside the bezel.
Texture and decorations can be added - and it's ready!

Dear sis! wishing you congratulations on your new home! :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Polymeri Online 12.11.11 | Chain bracelet, Felt & polymer ring, Chess set, Christmas ornament and Rolled beads

I'm home! Italy was wonderful! a little bit rainy on the beginning but after that the weather was great - Milano, Florence and Tuscany, Venice, Murano, Ferrari Museum (plus a real ride on a Ferrari car!), Piza, San Gimignano, Siena, Roma - an amazing trip and an amazing birthday!

But's it's always good to be back home :)

So back to work!

Spanish artist Mariana Constantinescu made an interesting chain bracelet
she is mostly working in the millefiori technique but you can find more intriguing designs in her gallery such as this black and white necklace -

Zuzzik is working with Fimo and felt in her polymer clay designs, this ring, called "fire", is using polymer clay and orange felt bursting out of it - I love it!
She is from Prague, Czech Republic.

Ana Kuhnen - Marmelinhas' was featured before in PolymeriOnline but this chess set is so cute I had to share it with you.
My DH is still waiting for his personal polymer clay chess set and every time I see one that I like I remember that I have to make one for him as I promised long time ago.

Getting ready to the holidays here is a tutorial for covering round ornaments by Eilaine of Tooaquarious -

Luisa's flicker gallery has some cool beads and a cool tool to make beads using self-made 2 rollers made of plastic pipes

See you soon with more news, links and new tutorials!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

"The Polymer Arts" Giveaway Winners!

I'm just about to start packing my suitcases so here is a quick note on the special giveaway by "The Polymer Arts" -

The winners are comments no. 9, 11, 44!
Congratulations !!! :)

A notification will be send to your emails and the subscription details will follow from the polymer arts editorial staff.

Thank you all for taking a part!
I'm off to make a birthday cake - it's my daughter's birthday as well, 15 years ago she was my birthday gift!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Polymeri Online 2.11.11 | Ghost Shift Fish, Kyoto Geikos mix media, Fimo tutorials & Autumn bracelet

I stumbled upon Sue Corrie's polymer clay and copper designs and was enchanted! This wonderful fish done with both materials is a refreshing combination and the possibilities are endless. When she thought to give up on being a full time artist she fell in love with polymer clay. Her projects are often completed in the moonlight hours when the family is sleeping- the Ghost Shift. She says ‘Dr Who’ fans know that the Ghost Shift was, I'm sure my son does!

Sharon House from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada loves to clay, as a mixed media artist she entered into Fine Arts Shows and lately have had accepted into a local gallery. Among her many talents she is also a story teller, not just for kids, for grown ups as well! It took her a while to find her passion with clay and few years into it, she is starting to figure that out. Much to her surprise, it’s not caning but more sculpture and what she would consider “practical stuff”.

You're invited to take a look at her cool "toothpick bead tool" - wonderful to bake or to dry your beads after varnish!
and one of her polymer pieces -

If you haven't yet visited in STAEDTLER fimo Creative tips page with cool tutorials and colorful ideas - You are welcome!

"Autumn in Scottish Mountains" bracelet by Czech Katerina Tumova has wonderful pattern inside. She has made an additional brooch with the same technique, almost looks like wooden design.

Stay tuned - Tomorrow is the big day - 3 "events"!! :)
1st, I will announce the 3 winners of "The Polymer Arts" Magazine, if you haven't yet entered - it's your last chance today.
2nd, I'm celebrating my 40's!! OMG, I don't feel 40!
3rd A short vacation in Italy for my birthday with DH, I'm sure it's going to be wonderful!

see ya!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Special Giveaway! The Polymer Arts Magazine & The Brocade Collection

The Polymer Arts magazine, the new magazine on the block is about to publish it's 2nd issue, this time it's all about instruction & education with many new ideas, articles and content.

The 1st issue was so interesting, covering new articles that are informative both to pro and semi-pro polymer clay artists: articles such as how to become a wholesale seller, marketing skills and much more. I have the 1st issue next to my bed, with every page flip I find something new I haven't read before :)

The new and exciting feature is the digital subscription - -It's exactly the same as the print version, just in digital format! Digital purchasers receive a downloadable PDF file and, for the first 3 months after publication, have access to an online digital flipbook available from any computer.

Why am I telling you all this?

Getting ready to the 2nd issue with my "Brocade Collection" purses on the cover, dear Sage Bray has generously given you all a special giveaway!

3 of my PolymeriOnline blog readers will receive a digital subscription to the 1st and 2nd magazine issues. This means you will get instant access to the 1st issue and on Nov. 15th the new issue is published.

The 2nd issue is also full of inspiration and wonderful content - Christi Friesen talks about filling your “Well of Creativity”, Barbara McGuire discusses how to take advantage of and share the community’s Passion for Polymer through educating and being educated, Two brand new techniques, Review of new bezel molds, Interviews, Mentor and Emerging artist galleries
Resource list highlights...and more!

What do you have to do to win? (giveaway closed! thank you!)

All you have to do is post a comment under this post with your email and an answer to the question related to my purses photo -

..."What are the 2 things you MUST HAVE in your purse when you go somewhere?" :)
mirror? eye shadow? book? diary? polymer clay? (can't believe it if you do!)

My bag is always full full of "must have junk" & so heavy!!
Band aid, Advil pills, lip gloss, my "must have" hard drive with all the computer back up (in case my computer is lost) - you won't believe what I carry with me!

So now, tell me what's your "must have" 2 and maybe you'll win a free subscription!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Polymeri Online 19.10.11 | Christmas cats, Flowery door knobs, Cute light covers and Maya face cane

Melody O'Beau Designs flickr gallery shows these lovely Christmas cats tree decoration which can be wore as a jewel, In her photos she is sharing some studio shots with us :) Melody is a professional musician by trade, and for the past 14 years she has made wearable art from polymer clay.

Carmen Rose posted a lovely tutorial on making door knobs, she has 60 doors and drawers in her kitchen (sounds like the PERFECT studio!) Easy and fun!

Mary Tempesta light covers caught my eyes and although I am not smoking they do look so cute! faces, bees and fish! what a lovely decoration!
Mary was mentioned before in PolymeriOnline but these worth another one :)

Krokdo (real name?) blog posted a cool tutorial to create a face cane - a maya tribe face. I hope I got the translation correct.

We have a long weekend vacation here and the great weather is also on our side :) Have a great day everyone!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Special private collection fair

As promised, I am posting the link to my special private collection PolyPediaOnline StudioFair. All my original designs, made during the last 2 years I am have been teaching online tutorials, are now offered for public sale.

These are not tutorials.
The items on the web page are real products.

These designs are very dear to me and always reminds me of the wonderful material we are working with.

So, if you're just wondering about a certain project, want to see it in close, wear one of my jewels, looking for a Christmas gift or a collector of polymer clay pieces - you are welcome aboard!

Thank you :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting Ready to Halloween! 2 FREE Videos!

Although Halloween isn't a holiday we celebrate here (In Israel we celebrate a similar holiday on February - "Purim"), it's always fun to think of new tutorials and videos for it.

All the things I don't consider doing as a full tutorial over the year, pop up in my brain when it comes to a fun holiday like Halloween.

At our home, every year on December (2 months ahead), we start our family brain-storming on "What will be my costume this year?" As for my DH, every year he puts a blue wig and decide it's THE MOST ORIGINAL costume in the world, I try to be more artistic and original, I am frequently asked by neighbors, friends and family to help them with the makeup (hey, what do we have a makeup artist neighbor for?) and sometimes I even do my own (see the tiger? That's me! LOL)

Any way, this year I chose 2 creepy dark & fun projects for you - an eyeball ring/bowl/magnet/anything and a chopped finger (human/witch?) both of them as videos on YouTube.

I hope you'll have fun and will be happy to hear your comments!