Monday, October 29, 2007

Heart pillow beads - these are addictive!

I've been sitting this past week and making these enjoying heart pillow beads, they are such fun to make!

I sit near my working table, with ALL my canes spread around: flowers, roses, stripes, spirals, faces, leaves, and i start thinking which color to choose, will i choose green? no, i just made those a month ago.... blue? mmm.... maybe next month. I think i'll choose romantic-turquoise with pink for the 1st set and orange-red-yellow for the 2nd set :)
Now it's time to get all things back in place, my table is such a mess!
If you like these, they are on ebay this week!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Synergy 2008 - I'm coming!

I am SO excited, i've just registrated to Synergy 2008 conference, held in Baltimore, Maryland, on Feb. 21-23, 2008, the 3 days schedule looks fascinating, i will take classes with 9 of the amazing people in the polymer clay industry! i hardly believe it, and i will start counting the days! :)
Long flight from Israel but i can't wait to see you all there!

Kira Slye and Ilysa Bierer of Polymer Clay Productions/Polymer Clay TV have just released an hour-long podcast with interviews of Synergy presenters Maureen Carlson, Maggie Maggio, SL Savarick, and Sarah Shriver.

Polymeri Online 26.10.07

Jeanne Rhea had a great idea, make a rubber stamp out of drawing, little snakes of clay and liquied clay - check it out -

Hermann Mejia is a Venezuelan illustrator, living in New York City, whose caricature-driven work frequently appears in Magazines, Stamps, Newspapers etc. i didn't find any word about his materials but i guess this could be some kind of clay.

Stonehouse Studio feature fancy jewelry from polymer clay along with made from natural, unfaceted gemstones and sterling silver.

Begginers project by Valerie Wallace - Pen covering with silver leaf - nice tutorial:

Lindly Haunani tips about keeping knives sharp worth a million -
* don’t cut directly onto a glass or marble work-surface, use a slip sheet of bond paper, index card or deli-wrap instead
* when trimming clay against metal = bead mandrels or metal rulers use a utility knife instead
* store your blade when not in use in a plastic box sleeve or a polymer clay blade case
* try to avoid dropping it onto hard surfaces, as a burr at the end of the blade makes for “dull” cutting
* the acidity in some people’s natural skin oils can cause the blade to tarnish and drag... read more in this link:

Marina Bychkova from makes (according to her) distant, far-away sadness dolls that recall childhood fairy-tales, and a dark, brooding sexuality. These are definitely not kid's toys, but stunning works of art.
read more in her interview -

Linda S. Wingerter grew up in a family of artists: her great grandfather painted church murals in Russia, her grandfather was a puppeteer, her grandmother was a miniaturist, her father was a graphic artist, and her mother is a book designer. She became a published artist at 13 when Cricket Magazine printed her drawing of a paper dragon in their letter pages.
Linda enjoys renovating her 90 year old house, making dolls, figure skating, and playing the fiddle and musical saw. She uses painted sculpy for the dolls head, the rest is: lace, muslin, ribbon, metal moulding, wire, DMC thread, dowels, and costume jewelry.

Friday, October 19, 2007

REGESH Project

Last year 3 of our israeli soliders were taken by terrorists -

Gilad Schalit - On Sunday, 06/25/2006, at 05:40 in the morning, a terrorist group of several Palestinians crossed the border south of the Gaza Strip into Israel through a tunnel and attacked an army facility that was within the sovereign territory of Israel. Gilad was Taken.

Udi Goldwasser & Eldad Regev - On Sunday, 06/18/2006, Udi and Eldad were called up for reserve service on the northern border. They were meant to serve 28 days. The service was to include security patrols along the border and other security tasks for the defense of Israel's northern settlements. They were suddenly attacked by a group of Hezbollah terrorists and were taken.

The Israeli Polymer Clay community decided on a project to be called: ר.ג.ש"/Regesh (Feeling) which stands for the initials of the three last names of the Israeli soldiers kidnapped: Eldad Regev, Udi Goldwasser, Gilad Shalit.
Regesh (Feeling) is a volunteer project of artists from the "Polymer Clay Art Forum" that care about the safety and well being of the kidnapped soldiers. The Forum wishes to support the soldiers' families and let them know they are not alone in the struggle to return their sons home. All proceeds from the sale of our key chains go to assist and support the families of the kidnapped soldiers in their struggle to free their sons.
For more information please go to:
for purchase please contact me on or visit

Thank you for reading.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Polymeri Online 18.10.07

Mike Buesseler landscape creations are a delight, i found this tutorial for a Double Masked Leaf Impression, don't think i linked
to it yet :)

Non polymeri but a little about wiring and combining it with other materials -

A project of wrapping wire around a focal bead - "Twice Around The World Tutorial" (scroll down

A lesson of face sculpturing by creathina's blog - (scroll down)

Flo Hanover works with cernit and make beautiful dolls, she is such an artistic person - an artist, teacher, weaver, wife and gardener, doll designer, sculptor, costumer, wig maker and more. she sculpt each original doll from polymer clay by hand.

Coralie Swaney has more sculpturing for us to see, her work is so unique -

Another sculpture artist - Faerydae, scarry but beautiful, she tells about her self that she is relatively new sculptor, she's been exploring this medium for almost 3 years now, and that she is very slow when working, The first 15 months, she completed only
ONE piece :)

MioPupazzo / Marain this link we can see some steps of making a doll including armature made of wool, she is also creating Crazy quilting frame
dolls, They are made from Paperclay, Sculpey and other materials. -

You must take a look at cristalline blog, she keeps adding more canes and tutorials, this is so fun!

Have you heard about CraftCast blog? Craftcast with Alison Lee?
while browsing the web for craft sites I found this site, Alison is exploring crafting content through the new world of pod casting, with live interviews, reviews of the latest supplies and materials, as well as addressing listeners questions. I've been listening to the interviews while in the gym, and there you go! 45 minutes just passed!Each week a new 30 minute show will be posted for podcast downloading. Included in each cast will be an on air interview with a current author, artist, or crafter trendsetter. i've seen some polymer clay artists there too: Donna Kato, Gwen Gibson, Celie Fago and more. it's great to hear how these talented women started :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Polymeri Online 11.10.07

cloud777 (Olga) is known for her detailed millefiori canes, this time it's a woman face cane, beautifully designed, take a look at the steps and blog -

Another useful Mokume gane tutorial by papernclay blog

I can't say i know much about politics in the US (i am hardly involved in politics in israel) but this site made me wonder - democrates? donkeys? can some one tell me why?
DEM DONKEYS: Handmade Jewelry for Democrats

Laura Peery - not polymer clay work but a great inspiration -

Loretta Polaski makes lovely Art Dolls including polymer clay, porcelain, cloth, paper maiche and more! Art Dolls are one of a kind, handmade, she specializes in polymer clay and use premium clay created specifically for dolls. handsculpt each doll without molds. read more in her site -

Joshua Knuth Sculpture and Taxidermy
What an interesting work, take a look at Joshua's fish -

Dawn M Schiller
Dawn makes Seidh, pronounced seed, these are a Tribe of Little Folk that inhabit the Forest. These tiny Fae remove ripe seeds from pods, and scatter them so there will be a plenty of trees and pods in coming Seasons. After their work is done, the Seidh then take up residence in the empty pods, curled up snug and sound for Winter.

Joyce Geleynse babies are so cute, they are born in her studio and lie bundled up in a cloth blanket. her creations are presented in the Canadian artists and art resource directory. Visual arts from a Canadian perspective - Artists In Canada site.

Geena Bregar and Dave Rybolt make beautiful mosaic work made of polymer clay miniature tiles -

COBRA ORIGINALS ~ Canine Breed ArtDogs sculpturings, the artist work with polymer clay, resin and other materials.

Jackie C. Schneider is a Parkinson's patient and along with her friends create wonderful art.She works with polymer clay and specialize on faces sculpturing.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Little Ego-Trip of the Day

It was great to hear that featured me in their blog :) made me very happy today...

Beautiful Canes & Beads - great as gifts for the holidays to come :)

Now that all the jewish holidays ended, it's time to go back to work, i just got a 'big size' order of rose canes from one of my clients in Italy, i sat down and made some new rose canes, this time a little 3D designed canes following an hebrew tutorial of one of my forum friends. they turned out so lovely (photo doesn't reflect, mmm, sorry) so i made more of my heart pillow beads soon to be on sale.

You are welcome to see those and the purple heart pillow beads for sale in ebay this week.

I was also happy to hear i was mentioned in Indie Quarter Blog! great news for today :)