Thursday, June 5, 2014

Polymeri Online 5.6.14 | Ksenia's polymer clay turtle pendant, Wendy's distortion minimising, Jayne's detailed millefiori canes, The new LEGO slicer & Students Cosmic pride

It's been 2 weeks since the launch of the new PPE (PolyPediaOnline Express) and your feedback is wonderful! Thank you so much all for your support!

Yesterday was the last holiday of the year (before announcing the next jewish new year) and after celebrating with endless diary food, the fridge is full and I can spend more time on posting and less time on cooking! :)

Dolgopolova Ksenia’s turtle pendant
Ukraine artist Dolgopolova Ksenia’s polymer clay work is all about details. Little details. 
Her work is so delicate & intricate ranging from flowers, jewelry, figurines, elaborated pendants, brooches and more. According to her website she is working with clay for the past 4 years. Her flickr gallery is a treat to the eye.
Among the materials she frequently uses are - Polymer clay, acrylic paints, liners for glass, waxed cord, fragments of shells, glassy beads, metal accessories and more!

It was hard to choose just one artwork to feature here but eventually I chose the turtle pendant she posted on FB. So beautiful.

Wendy's scrap top and bottom wrappings
Wendy Jorre de St Jorre was mentioned in PolymeriOnline blog but her recent cane caught my eyes. She is wrapping her round canes top and bottom with scrap clay to minimize leftovers after reducing.

Her trees project is beautiful, she is inventing her own botanical trees types and I am sure that her final collection will be breathtaking. What a dedication!

Jayne's intricate millefiori canes
Speaking of millefiori canes, take a look at Jayne Dwyer beautiful owl cane! The details are so beautiful! Don’t miss her cat cane as well.
She definitely has a good hand with canning, there are so many of them in her Paper Moon Jewelry FB page - Flowers, lobsters, lighthouses, birds and more...

Cat's Lego Slicer
Nina Fletcher shared this ingenious machine in her FB page – Lego Slicer?
She found this brilliant photo on Cat Szetu flickr gallery. 
Is this the new age of millefiori slicing? I didn’t check but I'm curious to know if lego plastic bricks are polymer compatible. Innovation!

Katya's Cosmic Ceramic Tutorial Olympic Rings Necklace
Cynthia's Cosmic Ceramic Tutorial Mini Houses Beads

The past days I've had rain of Cosmic Ceramic sharing on FB - Katya's amazing olympic rings necklace, Barbara Poland-Waters charms and Cynthia Rodriguez mini houses! Thank you all for bringing a cosmic smile of pride & joy!

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Barbara's Cosmic Ceramic Tutorial Olympic Rings Necklace


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