Thursday, December 27, 2007

Polymeri Online 27.12.07 (last polymeri for 2007)

Rosie Bair
Rosie has been playing with polymer clay since she was young, but only recently started developing a true skill for the body form and for fantasy. Fantasy has been a subject of interest since childhood.

Fairies and Mermaids By Lori Schroeder
Lori is a designer and crafts person for Fancy Face Originals. For over 25 years have been making a full time living making polymer dolls and other handcrafted items.

Creepy and Whimsical Art Dolls by loopyboopy
loopyboopy loves quircky, odd, whimsical, cute, creepy and eerie things.

100% handmade polymer charms, jewelry, art, accessories by Jennifer a.k.a. Komodokat
Jennifer is a Graphic Designer/Artist living in Houston, Texas

bunny X productions - Amy
Amy really loves sea creatures, mainly cephalopods. Octopus & squid are her favorites.

Erin Johnson from Australia
Erin was introduced to beading and jewellery making after buying a beading magazine by chance. She is making beautiful pieces from polymer clay along with other techniques.

clayspirits / Bianca van den Berg Rotterdam, Netherlands
In her teens she discovered polymer clay in a local craft shop. The colors and the possibility of the clay drew her attention and 20 years later it still does.

Wishing you all a great 2008!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Home Blessings - New stuff :)

In Israel, almost every family hangs a Home blessing.
It can be a Hamsa (5 finger hand) or a different shape but it's a very popular ornament.

The prayer's written in Hebrew or in English and asking for peace, love and happiness for the home tenants. Most of us hang it near the main door, to protect our home and family from bad luck and the evil eye.

I love making those unique home blessing wall ornaments, they are a perfect gift!

All in my Etsy

Polymeri Online 20.12.07

Hector Vera from Australia, He is an Artist & an Educator.

Amelka's Czech site brings us many items, one of them by Klára Kubešová (i think) is a flexible animal project, I think some of us had such a toy when we were young :)
and more FIMO projects -

Peace Cane by Cane Spinner Designs

Annie's Handmade Jewelry - lamp work & polymer clay

Some Shopping - Kraft Lady Art Moulds and texture sheets

Solet Luna Gallery - Catherine (Cate) Lansing - makes Women and Men in period-dress, Literary Characters, Witches, Ogres, Queens, Rogues and Animals-behaving-like-people. Characters created in 1:12 scale. Some of the links are broken, these links are still active.

A Beginners Flower Tutorial and some sculptures by Hagit Gano

If you need a quick and easy origami gift box tutorial - this one is for you:

Merry Christmas to all the celebrating!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Finally! My new Studio Gallery :)

Finally! My new Studio Gallery is ready :) After all the fixing, building, dust and mess, it's ready for me and my students!

The big things are back in place, tables, pasta machine :) and all my canes, boxes and beads, it's a good opportunity to throw some things (or maybe not, i might need it...) and arrange all the mess on my working table...

I still need a nice carpet and some photos on the wall, but that can wait a bit longer!
Did i mention that red is my favorite color?

After everything is back in place i felt like working and working, and i can't stop! beads, pillow, hearts, hamsa's, hangers, it's so much fun! You can find more on my Etsy

Polymeri Online 13.12.07

Linda Peterson Designs brought her very interesting yourtube movie how to for making shaving cream beads -

Debra Dembowski makes figurative jewelry and sculpture, she hand fabricate her stylized people using small chasing and repousse tools to create arms, legs and other dimensional details.Their faces made from polymer clay using a hybrid molding / sculpting technique, then further define the details with washes of acrylic paints and chalks to achieve the doll like appearance.

Andrea Herrera or Cre8 makes small tiny sculpturing, working with polymer clay, paper clay, air dry clays. - old site

Polymer Clay Tutorials and Other Fun Craft Projects by Tommy Venable
and Etsy store

Rings sell Wholesale Jewelry-Making Supplies, but you can click and see some Design Contest Winners for inspiration :) - roll down to Design Contest Winners

Janice Abarbanel makes colorful, unique, one-of-a-kind beads, limited edition beads and art jewelry.

I just love paroledepate blog, they are so creative and generous with their tutorials!This time it's a snow man in a jar -

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Polymeri Online 6.12.07

Mamezelle CAT found an interesting way to put millefiori canes slices into resin and the result is very interesting. i enjoyed her blog, her a-symmetrical jewelry, her unique style.

Mossy Creek Designs is making polymer clay fossil beads and mythical figures, i found her site in the Christie Freisen yahoo group.

While i will visit Synergy2008 and CFCF conferences, The American Craft Baltimore Show will be presented in Baltimore Convention Center, February 22-24, 2008although non polymer clay, there will be many designers to see there!

KaeLynn_Design has some nice photos for us to see in her album, one of it is her feather cane before and after reducing -
Check her other photos too -

Chris mockridge from UK is making personalized wedding cake toppers, so cute!

Halloween is behind us, but here's a tutorial for making a Skull cane