Monday, October 22, 2012

Polymeri Online 22.10.12 | Kinetic box, Polymer clay tree ornaments, Snow globe tutorial and Globe rings

Wanaree's hinged metal box tutorial
I came across this video a while ago and bookmarked it so I can share it with you guys. Although this class is for metal clay artists you may find some of the ideas shown here useful with your polymer clay work.
Wanaree Tanner is documenting the creation of a "Gallery Box": a kinetic, hinged metal clay box with interchangeable tiles. Makes me think again about trying metal clay...polymer rocks! ;)
Yvi's FIMO tree ornaments

Now that the holidays are getting closer, here is an idea for a tree ornament! Take a look at Austrian artist Yvi`s (Yvonne) Torten & Tortenfiguren flickr gallery, it's full of cute sculpturing including themed figures for various occasions. Some made of suger/cakes paste and some made of fimo clay.
These little figures sitting on top of a round clay ball (or is it a glass ball?) I love the little purple one with it's turning head...
here is her website -

Polymer clay tutorial -
How to create a simple snow globe
Another tutorial I found online is by Ivanna, a Russian mix-media artist who teaches how to create a snow globe of a snowman. All you need a spices glass jar (the one we use to put paprika and other "polymer inclusions") and make your own snow globe!

Polymer clay globe ring
and speaking of globes, here is a globe ring by Donna Cruz-Comia from the Philippines, Donna says she is not keen on making miniatures so this posed a challenge for her. A real statement jewel!

Please forgive my delayed post, a nasty virus happened to like my company. Now all is better and I am back to my regular routines. Have a great week!


  1. clay video link goes to a page marked as "Private."
    can you please help?
    I'm very interested in seeing video :-)
    thank you! :-)

    1. I'm afraid they probably changed it's privacy... sorry about that!