Sunday, September 28, 2008

What to take to a craft fair

some of the members of PCAGOE forum listed a great list of "What to take to a craft fair", it's a "save and keep" list to all us presentors in craft fairs :)

Craft fair supplies
  1. List of all items (If you have time you should mark each one with a number and a price and keep a list so you just have to mark it off when you sell it and it’s great for inventory)

  2. products, (things to sell)

  3. table(s)

  4. chair(s)

  5. tablecloth(s)

  6. cell phone

  7. water, snacks, lunch

  8. calculator

  9. mirror

  10. sales book

  11. business cards

  12. paper and pens

  13. bagsstands, displays

  14. change, singles and fives

  15. camera

  16. several shoe boxes to make different heights on the table and covers for them (fabric)

  17. receipts

  18. custom order forms

  19. scissorstape

  20. tissue paper/bubble wrap for fragile items

  21. sign-up sheet for your mailing list

  22. tax ID number/license

  23. coupons for your online shop?

  24. bring someone to help you

  25. bowl of fun $1 items (kids love this)

  26. hat

  27. masking tape

  28. small brown lunch bags (if your products will fit) with stamps or stickers on them advertising your shop

  29. sunscreen

  30. bungee cords

  31. craft apron (like the ones from the hardware store, waist aprons with pockets)

  32. umbrella

  33. breath mints

  34. Lights Spare Light

  35. Bulbs

  36. Extension Leads

  37. G Clamps

  38. Boxes and packaging

  39. Tools (for on the spot work, like changing a pendant on a leather cord to a silver chain)

  40. Flask for Coffee (actually the most import thing on my list)

  41. Wet wipes (for wiping sticky fingers if I have been eating, before I handle the jewellery)

  42. Spare Price Tags

  43. Information Leaflets about your work
and you can add more!

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Happy sales!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Polymeri Online 25.9.08

After a long long week with 2 craft fair just before "rosh hashana" (new year), you can imagine how tired i am, but how can i not post some links... :) Enjoy...

Tamara Dozier Tamara was filmed as a featured artist on HGTV's "That's Clever" Episode HCLVR-122. She demonstrated how she sculpts and casts one of her gargoyles.

and i love her lion simba! (photo)

we have just said good bye to Alan Vernall, i loved his Latin Square Quilt Cane tutorial and of
course the Tudor Rose Cane in PolymerCAFֹ - Spring 2008
thank you so much alan....

Tree of Life Crafts
celticdruid's a stay at home mother. she loves to craft in her spare time and have a new etsy

homearts polymer clay tiles - Patti is Home Arts. Home Arts manufactures a line of fabric covered box kits and also carrys three CD's with vintage images from a private paper collection. Her tiles are beautiful!

mouna casa fimo's from france, she makes cool canes! faces, figures, smiley's and so many

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Polymeri Online 18.9.08

Thursday is here! my US readers are still sleeping, but here in Israel it's a work day and i'm drinking my coffee :)

First, thank you Cynthia for your post on polymerclaydaily yesterday! it's always a pleasure to see my name in your blog :)

as for todays links...
Chris Mockridge owns "Ludicris Cake Toppers", his toppers are cute as can be, he is from UK.

Sonia Keogh is from New Zealand, a Sculptor & artist, she says sculpting with polymer clay has its challenges, but is ultimately a forgiving medium which bends to her perfectionism. an intuitive process, take anywhere from 50 to 250 hours to produce a full-bodied Keogh piece, needless to say, she becomes deeply connected to each piece.

Lynn_EL/UnaOdd / Lynn is a Gardener, artist, collector of books, art, plants, skulls, rocks, cat whiskers, boxes, bottles and gourds.

mimiatures / mimi chan is from bangkok, Thailand, she says she is very lucky, her job has taken her all over the world and allowed her to to meet many people and experience many places...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Millefiori canes again

Del Moro is a russian artist who has some amazing canes i have ever seen, take a look at his "fire horse" cane, and some more which are stunning! some various techniques can be seen in his jewelry.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Polymeri Online 11.9.08

Lilly Briar is a Polymer Bead Artisan. she has been working with the medium for the past 7 years, teach workshops, do shows and write tutorials for Australian beading magazines. her current expedition is into the world of geometrism, exploring the simplicity of shape/s and creating new ones and incorporating mixed media to make them a little more interesting.

SelenaAnne - wonderful sculptural art, i wish i could know more about this artist :)

2 Roses is artistic collaboration between jewelry designers Corliss Rose, and John Rose. The studio is driven by the principles of exploration and experimentation.

Graphic Pendants is Teri, full-time business student with a passion for crafting. live in Canada, She's always been a creative soul and picked up first her needle and thread at 5 years old.

Ignotz has some great sculpturings in her flickr site -

lasidi has some great geometric design, i just love her cute building canes, her boxes and frames. She is from spain.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Half and half - New collection

My new holidays collection is charachterized by 50% millefiori and 50% color.
Do you ask what does that mean? well, i am simply enjoying my clay, colors and matarial and not using 100% millefiori as i used to :)
I find this collection so enjoyable, much more personal, and wishfull.

In Judaism, a berakhah or bracha is a blessing, usually recited at a specific moments during a ceremony or other activity. we love to bless friends and family in so many occasions - holidays, when you meet, when you visit someone's home for the first time, and more.

This is the reason why i chose to be more personal and give my buyers the chance to enjoy a blessing collection. who doesn't want to bless his beloved friends and family? i'm sure every one will.

Hamsas, keychains, decorations, and many more, you are all welcome to my flickr site to see more.

and some in my etsy store for sale :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Polymeri Online 4.9.08

Kim Owens has been crafting in several different mediums for 15 years. she discovered Polymer Clay about 3 years ago and it's now her favorite medium, she uses Sculpy and Fimo Polymer to make her Folk Art, Primitive Creations. Once the initial piece is complete, she bake it according to the manufacturer’s recommended time. In some cases, before baking, she will texture the piece to resemble carved wood or give it a rustic appearance. After the piece is completed she will antique it to give it her signature "Primitive" look. (in photo hilda the little witch)

Lauren Abrams is a purse designer specializing in bag hardware. She makes pigmented cast resin handles, buckles and embellishments by hand and also love designing jewelry with cast resin and polymer clay

ketztx4me - according to RM Ketzel she is a Proud citizen of the great Republic of Texas, obsessed with the possibilities of polymer clay and a Member of the National Polymer Clay Guild

beautifulmemories creates both collectible Reborns and child-safe Reborns. She has been reborning for several years, to see the doll come to "life" never ceases to amaze her, even after all this time.

cobcreations After spending most of her life moving around the US and Canada, she settled down in the Big Apple. She finds endless amusement and inspiration living and traveling around all the different NYC neighborhoods,and her cute sculptures are the avidence :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vote to win in PCAGOE September TEXTURE challenge

Vote to win in PCAGOE September TEXTURE challenge!

The theme this month is texture, and the idea was to show the various ways polymer clay can be textured.
When you vote for your favorite entry, you’ll automatically be entered in a random drawing to win one of two prize packs!