Monday, October 27, 2008

PCAGOE November Challenge - Autumn Leaves

My Entry to the November Challenge is a leaf ring, a bouquet of leaves shaded green , gold and gold leaf, with some millefiori leaves, they were inserted into polymer clay using a thin wire. It's base is a copper ring.
it's a big ring but no one can miss it :)

Vote for your favorite at from Nov 1 to Nov 3rd (my birthday, by the way)
All voters are entered to win free prizes!

oh, and another thing, i am giving this ring as a gift (for my birthday) to the next buyer from my etsy store!
Thank you!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Polymeri Online 23.10.08

Laura Bocchi is from Genoa, her sculpturing of flowers and millefiori are delicate and fine, and you can find a heart bead tutorial in her photostream

Food that smiles back to you? that's elfa's creations! she's from Italy and she also have an ebay store

barbie_cyberpunk's photostream has a white clay doll that caught my eye, i wish i could see more of these interesting and unique looking dolls

Mae Holley has lovely miniatures and jewellry, she twists and knead polymer clay into all kinds of fun and interesting things and hope to pass on this crazy obsession to any one looking for a new and exciting way to expand their creativity. check her tutorials too!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dan Cormier in Israel!

The day has come and Dan Cormier is in Israel!
Although we met in person on Synergy, this time he will be teaching one of the workshop in MY HOME :)

Dan will be teaching several workshops around the country and many israeli clayers will enjoy his classes!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

a Big project

Are you sitting down?

I think you'd want to sit down before you'll see this huge project by Naama Zamir, my fellow artist from Israel, she was asked by a friend to help make a unique mosaic table, made from tiny tiles of polymer clay, colored, canes... it was a non stop work for about a week, 50 packs of PC and the result is stunning!

Making such a project from colored clay, marbled, scraps, canes is an amazing use for all those tiles.

i wouldn't mind sitting near this table myself, not to mention getting one as a gift ;) lol

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Polymeri Online 16.10.08 and some personal stuff

Judy Belsky lives in Israel, she discovered collage and polymer clay around the same time - ten years ago. Although she painted and loved to paint all through her life, collage liberated her soul. After collage, there is no such thing as a bad art day. Everything is useful and recyclable. You don’t have to be a perfect little girl! Polymer clay came into her life at the same time and with a similar message. It is such a forgiving, flexible, exciting material. she has integrated polymer clay into her collage because it is a third dimension and can take on a weathered, aged look that is still vibrant.

Look at this sweet marie-antoinette - i think she's adorable, and there are more of a similar design in lacigalecristalline's photostream in flickr
if you haven't yet bookmarked her blog - it's a must have.

fantasy sculpture from polymer clay by dolhathai Srijancharoen, she is a native of Thailand born into a family skilled in folk art and music, she received her master’s degree from the College of Fine Art in Bangkok. At the beginning of my career she worked as an illustrator for children’s books and went on to become a journalist, columnist and editor for several newspapers and magazines there. She relocated to New York City in 2001 and began crafting my fairies in polymer clay soon after.

Faeries From The Swamp by Antoine - she has been an artist all her life, it was inevitable that she would start sculpting. It wasn’t until 2003, however, that she tried polymer clays. her very first completed faerie was a fat naked man who resembled an uncle of hers. In the beginning she made many little fat men and boys but soon evolved to very thin faeries. Presently her faeries range in size from 3” to about 5” seated. Each is a one of a kind sculpture created over a wire armature for added strength and durability. Most have wings, but some do not. Each somehow resembles either someone she knows or have seen before.

and some personals? 4 days ago i celebrated my 15th anniversiry with my beloved partner and husband, and in 3 days we are celebrating my daughter's bat-mitzva party (real birthday only in november) :) lot's of celebrations! let's have fun!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and if you add your pink photos to this group you can help to raise up to €30,000 for local charities.

For each pink photo you add to, Yahoo! for Good will donate €1, up to a maximum of €30,000. they will split the total equally between 5 charities in UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

- In the UK Cancer Research UK will use this donation to fund breast cancer research.
- In Germany Deutsche Krebshilfe will use this donation to fund a breast cancer project.
- In France Association Le Cancer du sein, parlons en ! will use this donation to fund screening.
- In Spain AECC will use this donation to fund information about prevention and detection.
- In Italy LILT will use this donation to fund breast cancer research.

You can add 5 pink photos a day during October, so please think about making a month long commitment to sharing your pink photos!

Polymeri Online 2.10.08

Lu Fanjul from barcelona has a wonderful mix of techniques in her gallery!

la_sagrada has only 6 photos in her flickr site, but each one is stunning! (see photo)

Miss beb is from Paris, she makes sweet looking macarons miniatures and jewelry and i love her glossy finish

more macarons? tutorial? on this blog, at the "jeudi 17 juillet 2008"

Figures, animals, fantazy, holiday - It's Jest 'er Clay!

Speaking of french artists, here are some blogs worth visiting. and if you take a look at each sidebar of the blog, it's endless links....