Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm off to UK :)

take care and see you soon!

Monday, May 25, 2009

play-doh and flower canes

2 of my fellow friends in Israel- Idit Fischer and Yonat Dascalu hade a remarkable idea about making flower canes and "getting rid" of their background easily. They made a flower cane, petals and center, then wrapped the petal with thin orange play-doh clay sheet, (which is a water base clay), the sheet was #5 in the pasta machine, and continued with wrapping the background of the flower. The play-doh will not dry when it's wrapped in the clay, Idit mentioned that she has a cane 2 weeks old and it is not dry yet.
after letting the new cane rest a bit to cool, she started to peel slowly the background and reveal the orange play-doh wrapping. this takes a while since you need to do it gently so you won't distort the flower shape. after finished all the pealing they put the backgroundless cane in the water so that the orange leftovers will be dissolved or you can put it in a strainer and wash with water.

that's it! you have a flower with out a background! worth a try!

here's a link to our hebrew forum
just clicked the underlined letters and you'll see the photos :)
tell us how it went!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Polymeri Online 23.5.09

It's saturday today and i am breathing a bit, had to post my polymeri weekly list before i fly (not sure i can do it next week!)

MaryLClayPainting / Mary is making 'paintings' from clay. each clay 'painting' is made of 100% Polymer Clay, her 'Canvas' is Premo polymer clay (selected for its stiffer qualities) and her 'paints' are the softer, buttery clays of Sculpey III and Fimo soft. she has written a tutorial explaining the process that can be see on Polymer Clay Central. read more about her in her flickr profile...
her etsy shop 'Wonderful Wire'

Chama Navarro from spain (which i am going to meet in UK), she has a cool and simple project for some paper clips and pen holders, there is a youtube film in her site to show it all, and the spanish sounds to me like a song (even though i can't understand a word!) :)

Kerryn Jean Online is a sculpturer from Australia, she sculpts doll, animals, fantasy creatures, wish there was more info about her and her work in her site.

Stephanie Scheetz published a nice tutorial in CRAFT blog for paper beads that can be easily adopted into polymer clay too! a paper clip bangle using safety pins - try it!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

8 days to go...

I don't believe i am writting in my blog when i have PILE of things to do, and i am not talking just about polymer clay work, laundry pile is so high, i think i have neglected my duties in the last 2 weeks, these preparations to my 1st international class are a real project and i am doing my best to be prepared :)

so... checklist? wanna go over my things with me? (such a newbie excitement!!!, please forgive me)
let's see -
raw canes and demos? got it! (how do i pack those for flight? they won't let me get those on plane - right?)

Brochure & tutorials for students? - arrived in the mail yesterday! check!

keychains? & barrettes? finished today - check

beads for swap? almost finished

necklaces and jewelry - not yet, i have to string those

table? - a mess (see above)
soon it will all be packed and ready for launch :)
few more days and.....
I'm all flat on the floor :)
thanks for letting me share my mess!

(sorry the photos are small, i do need some surprizes... :) )

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Polymeri Online 14.5.09

Alice Stroppel is a polymer clay person. she enjoys working with the clay, the colors and the challenge, she recently retired and now have time to really work with polymer, She is also a part of PCAGOE guild.

Tanya's Pendants-Flowers are so colorful! makes the spring look better!
Tanya is also making polymer clay buttons, she is from Ukraine.

Dorit is 34 years old, living in Copenhagen, Denmark With her husband and two children, The polymer clay is her main occupation in her daily life, she loves the possibility to work in various techniques that can be used in this media, because of the renewal and elation feeling. She was introduced to the material for the first time at her cousins “bridal party” three years ago and it was like obvious magical matching for me.

Look at this Mermaid cane! by Zoeowyn / Laura M
and don't miss her clay bra!

Hamsa and matryoshka? Dafi from "Mastikim" Blog (which means bubblegum) made a beautiful job combining those two together which resulted - "Hamsitryoshka" :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Polymeri Online 7.5.09

It's been a while since i posted, so sorry, i am preparing for the Polymer-Play-Days England event in 3 weeks and i have so much to do! canes, canes & more canes!! The brochure is already sent to print, cane slices are already baked and glued for demoing, getting close to finish!
here are some cool links i found in between my preperations:

parrotjewelry / Alicia is an artist working mostly in polymer clay art, and spend most of her time creating custom parrot jewelry. Sometimes she post photos of custom creations here, but these items are not for sale... Enjoy! (photo)

AlisonEKurek - Like many artists Alison traveled through different periods in her artwork. her earlier works were self portraits, still life images and social commentary pieces. Her work ranges from hand colored black and white photographs, to polymer clay and ceramics, and most recently paintings in acrylics. don't you just love those polymer clay cats? Alison also recently joined PCAGOE.

Now here's a original way to build a cane! it's clay, geekery & millefiori all together :)

The Pink Koala is the original Wee Little Gnome Homes It started as a Mother/ Daughter store where they sold scarves. The artist (name?) is a 22 year old art historian/ Archaeology student that loves art, have been working with polymer clay for a while. It has definetly changed her life having a store on Etsy and hope it can do the same for others. Besides polymer clay she enjoy knitting, embroidery, painting rocks, playing golf, traveling in Italy, playing the piano - the good life!