Thursday, May 14, 2009

Polymeri Online 14.5.09

Alice Stroppel is a polymer clay person. she enjoys working with the clay, the colors and the challenge, she recently retired and now have time to really work with polymer, She is also a part of PCAGOE guild.

Tanya's Pendants-Flowers are so colorful! makes the spring look better!
Tanya is also making polymer clay buttons, she is from Ukraine.

Dorit is 34 years old, living in Copenhagen, Denmark With her husband and two children, The polymer clay is her main occupation in her daily life, she loves the possibility to work in various techniques that can be used in this media, because of the renewal and elation feeling. She was introduced to the material for the first time at her cousins “bridal party” three years ago and it was like obvious magical matching for me.

Look at this Mermaid cane! by Zoeowyn / Laura M
and don't miss her clay bra!

Hamsa and matryoshka? Dafi from "Mastikim" Blog (which means bubblegum) made a beautiful job combining those two together which resulted - "Hamsitryoshka" :)