Sunday, June 17, 2012

INKredible Polymer | NEW Alcohol Inks Polymer Clay Tutorial

Long before the era of digital age, with laptops, ipads and smart phones, there was only INK.
Incredible, isn't it?

INKredible Polymer!
Alcohol Inks Polymer Clay Tutorial
Can you imagine how the world would look like without INK?

Books, newspapers, love letters, piano notes, symphonies and art paintings might look different from how you know them theses days.
INK made the whole difference.

Thousands of years ago, the human kind began using ink for writing.
This was the beginning of a wonderful journey for this fascinating material, and for the last months, also for me.

My new tutorial is dedicated to a unique relationship between polymer clay and INK -

INKredible Polymer!
Alcohol Inks Polymer Clay Tutorial
I am happy to reveal my quest discoveries, while exploring, using, mixing, nearly fighting to turn Inked polymer clay into a new chemistry element :)

Although I was a complete beginner using alcohol inks 3 months ago, a special request by a friend introduced me into a new adventure.

Studying, researching, experimenting, practicing, mixing, and learning all about Alcohol inks, head to tow, top to bottom.

INKredible Polymer!
Alcohol Inks Polymer Clay Tutorial
My 3 months journey and insights are offered to you in these INKredible classes.

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The complete package includes -
3 INKredible classes; 15 exciting projects, 8 videos and 40 giveaway pendants to celebrate my 40th tutorials anniversary.

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