Sunday, June 3, 2012

How a walk on 5th Av. ended up with a changeable polymer clay earring set - FREE video

My best PR comes from my close friends :)

Free tutorial!
Polymer clay loop earrings with flower decorations
While visiting US with my family, I took a day off to take a walk on Manhattan streets.
5th & 6th Av. were my natural choice with endless findings stores, jewelry, beads and many more.

One of my purchases were huge loop earrings I saw many of the women wear.

I had to make an earring set to myself just to see how they look on me.
Then, I went to see a close friend, have a cup of coffee and she said immediately - "PLEASE, can you make one for me too?" (plus a big please smile)

I couldn't refuse her request and knew she is my best PR friend, so I went to create several sets for her (and myself) taking the opportunity to video the project as a free tutorial to you.

B&W Flowers on earring loops
Stripy flower earrings!
This 18 minutes earrings project is very easy to create and you can use any color, pattern, shape or technique when creating your polymer clay decoration to match any outfit you wear.
Stripes are only one option! you can use your millefiori flower canes, kaleidoscope canes, stamps, texture - anything will fit this design.

Go ahead and give it a try!

P.S - In a week or so I will be posting my new & extensive tutorial class, celebrating my 40th one.
Many weeks of preparations and investigation - materials and techniques were a part of this journey to bring you the best tutorials.

See you in a just a bit!

Here is the video link -

Have fun!


  1. I have never seen fun stripey accessories like these before. I like these, and I truly enjoyed watching that video.

  2. Oh lovely earrings! Thank you for sharing a tutorial! Cara x

  3. Muy interesante , este blog, tienes cosas preciosas.
    Besos desde España