Sunday, March 25, 2012

Polymeri Online 25.3.12 | Owls on TV, Smiley face cane, Pink bunny and Knotted jewelry

My last day of packing and getting ready to my trip started when I found out one of my kids passport will expire in 3 days. I have no idea how that happened but we spent ALL day running all over the country to fix it. I think I lost 10 years of my life from the stress, but now all is ready, thanks god.

Last PolymeriOnline post before I go -

Henry and Albert are 2 brother owls. They like video games, computer and watches T.V all day long. Esther/Mocha is a polymer clay artist who loves animals and creates them with lot's of love and details.

French artist - GADOUILLE made a face cane and is sharing with us some of the steps on the way to become a final cane. She says it is not what she expected and I say - why? :)

I know Valentine was 1.5 months ago, but here is a cute bunny tutorial made with Fimo air basic. The tutorial is made by Kellie from "Makeitwithme" blog

Some of DisenyArte (Olga) recent jewelry are made of polymer clay beads and a kind of macrame knotting. The final result is impressive, colorful and unique.

See you on another continent! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Packing and Packing...

The past days were a total (good!) madness both in the business and personal point of view, we are getting ready for the 3 weeks family trip and with all that, I found myself packing and more packing - both tutorials kits and my suitcases!

The Skyscraper tutorial is turning to be a great hit, with 48 kits are already on their way to locations all over the globe :) thank you!

I have added a bonus video on the creation of an easy solution for your flat bead stringing.
If you are still interested, the complete "pack" is offered for a special price until Sunday, my last day at the post for the next 3 weeks :)

Here is what some of my customers think about this new tutorial -

"Exciting, imaginative, jam-packed with information, unlimited! Thank you Iris!"
Carla, Australia
"I agree with you totally that liquid polymer is an over-looked gem. I love your "skyscraper" design!"
K.F, CT, U.S.A
I just bought the new tutorial by Mishly Iris and I must say that it has piqued my curiosity. There is also a great video to accompany the PDF and it's done very well for me that I know very little English.
Anne M., Italy (posted in an italian forum)

The new Skyscraper techniques uses liquid polymer clay along with simple materials you have at home, and combine them into a single piece in the most un-traditional ways!

I will be posting another PolymeriOnline just before I go and meanwhile have a great weekend!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Skyscraper and Flakes Techniques! New PolyPediaOnline Tutorials

111 comments! 111 of you played along with my guessing game and guessed right!
The photo was the wonderful New-York New-York hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA!
Thank you for your tips and blessings! Don't worry! I'm too scared to even try gambling!

I picked 2 as winners of my 2 new tutorials -
Comment no. 109 Jen Neff winning Vol. 38
Comment no. 48 - K winning Vol. 39
Congratulations to the winners!

For some reason all the numbers in my blog comments disappeared so I had to count...!

If you are wondering what the new tutorial is all about, it's not enamel and not glass - It's polymer clay!

and what if I tell you that in my new tutorial "show-time" starts AFTER baking?

I give you! The Skyscraper technique.

In this new class we will use liquid polymer clay to create exquisite, irresistible designs anyone looking at it won't believe it's clay.

You will also learn how to extract the best of liquid polymer clay and use it for more than just merely an adhesive or a transfer assistant!

The name "Skyscraper technique" popped in my head in association to the tall, impressive and sparkling buildings seen in big cities worldwide.

The long, narrow, sparkling beads reminded me of the wonderful New York skyline, the sparkle metal look of the skyscrapers is also a main characteristic of this technique.
This class is all about challenging yourself and upgrading your polymer clay work, making it more sophisticated and stylish then ever.

In the new Skyscraper tutorial we will NOT follow the regular procedure of creating and curing.

In this technique we will FIRST cure our materials and only then, work and design our final product.

Sounds crazy? Yes! but possible.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Win a FREE copy of my new tutorial - Guessing game!

Yesterday I promised to play a new guessing game with you guys, in regards to my new upcoming tutorial.

This new tutorial (actually there are two of them, in similar techniques) was something I always thought about but couldn't find any leads how to transform it into a polymer clay design, so I sat in my studio and started playing!

Eventually, after I have completed the design and came to my dear husband to show him, he said - Hey! this looks like...!
You can see the photo.

Some of you may visited this place but me, I haven't been there before.
Actually, in 2 weeks we are celebrating my son's Bar-Mitzva and all of us are doing a wonderful family trip abroad. One of the locations is this place, we are about to see it in real.

Not that I meant it, the tutorial is published so close to our trip and you are all invited to play a guessing game to win a free copy of it!
Try guessing where is this place (I know this one will quickly found out), what is my new tutorial about, materials, design, technique - anything you have in mind - just post in your comments along with your email address!
You don't have to be right - every comment is "right" in this game!

In 24 hours (or as soon as I finish working on the new tutorial and publish it), One of you will be drawn out from all the comments and WIN IT - FREE!
Thank you! the drawing is closed! winners announced here

Give it a try!
What have you got to lose? Only winning! :)

If you want to double your chances - Share this on Facebook and Twitter and come back and let me know where you published it.

Waiting to hear your comments!
Good luck :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Polymeri Online 14.3.12 | Dots and circles, Manicotti beads, Jungle bangle and Little red riding hood necklace

Nataliya Solonchuk's tiny dots and circles are so sweet and naive, she is all into small microscopic details that makes a larger design. She recently joined Flickr so I am guessing her photo stream will be soon filled with more goodies.

MaryAnne treats her jewelry designs as if they are canvas and paints. The richness in details is wonderful. I loved her journal covers, and take a look at her "Manicotti" beads! a piece of art!

MariaEva - Niná Ramos is in her personal imaginary zoo - blue and purple leopards are a part of her jewelry line! Jungle-Bangle!
She is from Venezuela, her daughter gave her clay and materials for Christmas, her brother sent her books and that was a start of a great journey!

Filoecoloridiila from Italy creates whimsical costume jewelry, full of color, irony and craziness here and there and uses resin, polymer clay, pannolenci, felt and upcycled materials to create unique and often one-ok-a kind accessories.

Get ready, tomorrow I am posting a new guessing game for my upcoming tutorial, this time I promise - no tiny photos! See you soon :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Polymeri Online 7.3.12 | Curled polymer clay spoons, Funky food, Portrait stamps and Coil beads

First I have to apologize for neglecting my weekly posts, a nasty virus has caught my son and then had to pay me a visit... Mid-seasons are the worst for catching viruses! Now I am recovering and back to my duties! :)

The first polymeri link is by PolymerSpoon. Marie Laure is a french artist who works mostly in Millefiori. You can find curly spoons and various colorful creations in her flickr along with several photos of her canning process.

Bistro Bling is a menu of funky food jewelry made from polymer clay. The "chef" is Jane Lubin, a mixed media artist. She created her fun and funky jewelry for personal use but was soon being stopped everywhere by curious people who wanted some quirky jewelry of their own. Her website, designed as a menu is cool!

Not polymer but a wonderful way to stamp your art! Portrait stamps! isn't this the most original "signature stamp"? I loved it! You can use Lise Grossmann services to create your own hand writing stamp. brilliant.

leeleebeads' photostream is full of snakes, coils, strips, curls all made of polymer clay. Leah Hagan is a clay artist and a beadmaker. She even created special themed sets for the holidays. They look like small colorful candy to me.