Friday, March 23, 2012

Packing and Packing...

The past days were a total (good!) madness both in the business and personal point of view, we are getting ready for the 3 weeks family trip and with all that, I found myself packing and more packing - both tutorials kits and my suitcases!

The Skyscraper tutorial is turning to be a great hit, with 48 kits are already on their way to locations all over the globe :) thank you!

I have added a bonus video on the creation of an easy solution for your flat bead stringing.
If you are still interested, the complete "pack" is offered for a special price until Sunday, my last day at the post for the next 3 weeks :)

Here is what some of my customers think about this new tutorial -

"Exciting, imaginative, jam-packed with information, unlimited! Thank you Iris!"
Carla, Australia
"I agree with you totally that liquid polymer is an over-looked gem. I love your "skyscraper" design!"
K.F, CT, U.S.A
I just bought the new tutorial by Mishly Iris and I must say that it has piqued my curiosity. There is also a great video to accompany the PDF and it's done very well for me that I know very little English.
Anne M., Italy (posted in an italian forum)

The new Skyscraper techniques uses liquid polymer clay along with simple materials you have at home, and combine them into a single piece in the most un-traditional ways!

I will be posting another PolymeriOnline just before I go and meanwhile have a great weekend!