Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Skyscraper and Flakes Techniques! New PolyPediaOnline Tutorials

111 comments! 111 of you played along with my guessing game and guessed right!
The photo was the wonderful New-York New-York hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA!
Thank you for your tips and blessings! Don't worry! I'm too scared to even try gambling!

I picked 2 as winners of my 2 new tutorials -
Comment no. 109 Jen Neff winning Vol. 38
Comment no. 48 - K winning Vol. 39
Congratulations to the winners!

For some reason all the numbers in my blog comments disappeared so I had to count...!

If you are wondering what the new tutorial is all about, it's not enamel and not glass - It's polymer clay!

and what if I tell you that in my new tutorial "show-time" starts AFTER baking?

I give you! The Skyscraper technique.

In this new class we will use liquid polymer clay to create exquisite, irresistible designs anyone looking at it won't believe it's clay.

You will also learn how to extract the best of liquid polymer clay and use it for more than just merely an adhesive or a transfer assistant!

The name "Skyscraper technique" popped in my head in association to the tall, impressive and sparkling buildings seen in big cities worldwide.

The long, narrow, sparkling beads reminded me of the wonderful New York skyline, the sparkle metal look of the skyscrapers is also a main characteristic of this technique.
This class is all about challenging yourself and upgrading your polymer clay work, making it more sophisticated and stylish then ever.

In the new Skyscraper tutorial we will NOT follow the regular procedure of creating and curing.

In this technique we will FIRST cure our materials and only then, work and design our final product.

Sounds crazy? Yes! but possible.


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