Thursday, May 28, 2015

Polymeri Online 28.5.15 | Back from USA Orlando Fandango 2015 ~ Journey Photo Album ✈, Christina's children's book figurines, 2 ways to build a polymer clay house, Free polymer clay bugs tutorial

I always say that you need a vacation after a vacation, running from one place to the other, visiting, touring, traveling - it's exhausting! ;)

Returning from my long US trip (vacation and polymer clay retreating) is not easy but I'm here to share some links I gathered over the past month.

First, my Orlando Fandango 2015 retreat photo album - I had the honour of being one of 3 instructors in this year Orlando Fandango 2015 – A polymer clay retreat hosted in Lake Yale, Leesburg, Florida, along with 2 colleague teachers (Lindly Hunani and Eugena Topina) and ~60 students.
My Alcohol inks "INKredible" class was chosen by last year 2014 Fandango participants as one of the 3 classes to be taught on 2015.
The classes and trip were wonderful in all aspects - people, organisational, personal.
INKredible polymer clay tutorial
Featured on PCD

As a final surprise I got spotted by Cynthia Tinnaple and featured on Polymer Clay Daily.
You are welcome to see photos & read more about it in my site post -


Christina Patterson's children's books
Christina Patterson, also mentioned here in last year post was spotted in her Instagram gallery.
Back then I saw her & partner's cake toppers work, but now their cute beautiful creations are also in children's books.

You are welcome to visit their Facebook page here -
and website -

Jill's framed house
Jill Curran can get you a new home in a great price! A home in polymer clay! BUT! her creations represents memories... A place where a very special wedding, celebration, or christening took place, she sculpt them to fit a framed portrait, or a shallow relief house ornament. She starts from photographs and make a one of a kind customised replica of any building. 
A cherished personalised gift.

Avaritania's 3D polymer clay houses
Another "Home-builder" creating houses, this time in 3D - Avaritania
According to her post she is quite new in the live journal group page but judging from her work she has a touch of clay in her fingertips. 
If I understood correctly, she used to build them on thin paper as her base but when her walls kept "collapsing" she moved to a thicker cardboard and now she uses templates.

Polymer clay bugs tutorial
Last one for the day is another live journal catch - a polymer clay bug class by Aleksanta.
Now that the summer is getting near and bugs are around us, you can create some of your own and place them on a shirt, bag or even as a "scarecrow" to frighten other bugs!

Enjoy your upcoming weekend!