Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Polymeri Online 26.2.14 | Faux Fabric polymer, Moroccan Mosaic on the wall, E.T phone home, Argyle millefiori and LifeSavers duties

Toy-Belle from the Russian group posted a fun project of her - faux fabric brooches/charms. She calls is color therapy. It's a game of canes, snakes and logs, cut, pierced, textured. The final result is oh so cute.
The Russian ladies are known for their color challenges and from time to time you can see pictures posted next to color palettes showing their featured project.
In addition to her polymer clay project you will find felt and miniatures in her blog.

Polymer clay mosaic by Agnes
Hungarian artist Ages creates jewelry combined with polymer clay and leather. Her jewelry are mixing embroidery, texture, color and patterns. Agnes is a full time translator but her passion-hobby is creating jewelry. While her home decor is changing towards indian-moroccan style, her wall was missing something. She decided to create an elaborated mosaic piece and it was only natural that her jewelry patterns will find their place into her wall piece. Beautiful.

The beloved E.T in polymer clay
When I stumbled upon this E.T figure I remembered my youth days watching this wonderful movie.
This sculpture is a work by I Do Cake Toppers team - Christina Patterson and Shaun Patterson. Christina and Shaun create their cake toppers since 2004, they have been making sculptures for clients worldwide including celebrities such as David Copperfield and pieces are made with polymer clay on a metal armature. Their size is about 8 inches height and about 18 oz weight.
Follow this link for a fun Mr. Hanky Christmas video tutorial

Argyle cane tutorial by Kael
Kael Mijoy is sharing yet another of her ideas translating it into a fun easy tutorial, this time an argyle cane combined with flowers.
Kael was featured several times in PolymeriOnline and her site is great for inspiration.

The past week I have been playing with some old and some new
These are 1 year old Extrudinary LifeSavers beads, waiting for me patiently since Cabin Fever Clay Festival last year, I made these for one of my demos but haven't had time to finish them since. Not sure if I'll keep them or sell them but they are sure fun to make!

LifeSavers Extruder beads
LifeSavers Extruder beads
Have a great week!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Polymeri Online 15.2.14 | Elegant clay threads, Polymer Balloon bubble, When illustration meets clay, Polymer Iconic fun horror scenCes

Conte Magie's thin delicate beauties
Behance is a leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work.
Their goal is to empower the creative world and make ideas happen.
You can join, upload your portfolio and share it with other polymer clay (and non polymer) enthusiasts.
It is an incredible source of inspiration!

First Behance polymer clay artist is Russian ConteMagie (Lena CK) who is according to 2012 Behance records, a student (still?) and creates delicate thin (extruded?) clay stripes which are incorporated into a very impressive and elegant jewellery design.
Her designs features harmony of colour and shapes and sometimes she used beading techniques to finalise her beautiful delicate jewellery.

Larissa's clay work
Another Behance find is Larissa Honsek from Germany, which is a photographer most of her time but finds a little time to play with polymer clay.
There are very few photos of her polymer clay work in her profile, I hope she'll post more!

Raku Inoue wall pieces
Canadian (originally Japanese) Raku Inoue is another artist featuring his many talents in Behance: He is experimenting with multiple media but his work is based on polymer clay, digital photography and photoshop.
He has beautiful free wallpapers to download, was recently featured in "the Polymer Arts" magazine & his website is a fun tour into his multi graphic talents.
Don't miss his butterflies fast-farward tutorial on Vimeo -

horror movie scenes
made of polymer clay
Lizzie Campbell is a UK polymer clay and mixed media illustrator.
She is using both FIMO and Sculpey brands of polymer clay depending on which works best for the design. Before working with polymer clay she used air dry clay but when she found polymer, it became her favourite. Don't miss her interview and article featuring iconic scenes from horror movies along with other articles she was mention on!
Her work is a treat of talent and you may find yourself wandering around for a while! Loved it!

I'll be covering more Behance goodies in my next week post,
have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Polymeri Online 8.2.14 | Earthen polymer spirits, Humpty and Elise clay shoes, Maureen's molds tips and Polymer acrylic faces

This week it's all about faces! (and a winter flower)

Tina's goddess figurines

Tina Raewyn is creating ooak pieces inspired by nature and spirit. She loved all things earthy and her jewellery reflects the female spirit, passionate colourful side, mystery as well as strength and intuitive nature. Tina is using sculpey and sculpey ultra-light that are strong and light weight.

polymer clay shoes by Dan
Dan Crowley posted a new pair of shoes in his FB page, "Humpty and Elise". The shoes were made for a collector. He says it was fun trying to figure out how to fit Humpty into a shoe shape.
This Chicago based artist is creating his puppets for years and many of his sculptures are owned by collectors. Aluminium foil and felt are some of the materials he is using.

Maureen's friends and molds
Maureen Carlson with her ever smiling face and pleasant voice, share with us her face mold tricks. She is taking her silicon molds and manipulating them into endless faces and expressions.
I had the pleasure of taking a class with Maureen a couple of years ago at Cabin Fever Clay Festival and it was such a wonderful class.
This 41 minutes video is full of character, don't miss her 2nd video on using her hand molds.
Face molds video -
Hands molds video -

Jordin's faces
Jordin Ispi from Queens, NY is a mix media artist working with polymer clay as well as painting and illustrating. His work appeared in many publications according to his resume and he is influenced by African art, Southeast asian art and Mexican masks. His polymer clay sculpturing were presented worldwide and made of polymer and acrylic paints.

Today was such a sunny day that I wore my shorts and went for a walk.
Winter flowers are still around but I'm not sure we'll see much rain in the next months. Summer coming too soon?

Have a great warm weekend!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Polymeri Online 2.2.14 | Winter evening mirror, Hairy polymer cat tutorial, Line up your (beads) holes, Water and baking soda bread, PolyPediaOnline stencils few left in stock

This week we're all about free online tutorials!

It's been a while since I visited the Polymer clay Russian community and my recent visit filled my basket with links.

Mirror pocket by Bimur
First is Annie Bimur with a new tutorial, this time for a feathered style mirror she calls "winter evening".
This is a slow, accurate process of using liquid polymer clay and a needle tool to create the fine feathers effect but the final result is so delicate and beautiful. Winter it is.
Annie was mentioned here with her alcohol rings tutorial.
More goodies in her blog -

Polymer clay hairy cat tutorial
If you thought the previous link demands your full concentration and accuracy, take a look at this super cute project of a cat brooch.
Anna Oriona takes us into a journey of tiny bits of clay pressed slowly around a clay cat, initially cut from a card board template. These tiny clay bits looks like tiny hair! What a lovely brooch to wear on a jacket!
Anna is usually into sweets (both in her Youtube channel and blog) but from time to time she shares the process of her creation of other polymer clay goods.
In her Youtube channel you will find information about her knitted bracelet process and much more. Although in Russian, we are so fortunate the polymer language is international.

Easy way to line up your
polymer clay beads
Tonja Lenderman posted Vicki's Turner blog link on how to pierce consist holes in your beads when it comes to 2 or 3 holes in a single bead.
In her technique you can line up holes on irregular shaped beads using a tool she created. The pins she is using to create this tool are old T shaped macrame pins but I am sure you can find an alternative to these.

Polymer clay bread recipe
Polymer clay bread? Now possible. (Stella) is offering us a tutorial for creating a bread made of polymer clay, liquid clay and....water & baking soda! According to her recipe you should mix clay with water until is is very sticky, then add baking soda (mind the proportion!) and bake. The final result looks like a loaf of bread. Where is the peanut butter??!

polymer clay stencils
Last stencils left in my Etsy store! 
After many of you asked about the stencils used in the Cosmic Ceramic tutorial, I brought some for sale.
The stencils were offered on a first comes first serves basis and were a hit!
Only 7 styles left (out of 24)!

Stencils used on the
cosmic ceramic tutorial
They are 6 inches or 15 cm sized, self adhesive, flexible and great for your polymer clay, fabric, glass, wood and card making projects. Instructions how to neutralise the sticky side to use on clay will be included in your package.
Stencils used on the 
cosmic ceramic tutorial
I am not sure when I am re-stocking so if you want one - go ahead and get it.

Have great weekend!