Thursday, October 29, 2009

Polymeri Online 29/10/09

Last week i didn't post the weekly blog, the reason was i had amazing 3 days on that weekend. i took a 3 days course with 2 Israeli men, both of them did the impossible - one of them is Eran Stern who quit a very promising job in Intel to fulfill his dreams, and the other one was Alon Ulman who a few years ago was on the verge of death when he twice survived a rare occurrence of a collapsed lung, he understood that if life had given him such clear boundaries he had to try and strech them a little. He started living life to the fullest and began competing to the "Iron Man" competition - sound crazy isn't it? well, it's all about breaking limits and outstanding results, and these were inspiring full 3 days! anyway, i came back with many ideas and lot's of thinking! makes you think and understand what you have and try living better...

so after some mind inspiration here is some polymer clay inspiration :) some cool links i found this week!

Naama Zamir posted some cool links, one of them is PsychoticReaction is a designer from Encinitas, CA, her figures makes you be scared & smiling :) she is also making pendants and rings in her own unique style.

FancifulForm is also one of naama's inspirations, the flowers sculpted so delicatly and on details, it reminds me of another artist who sculpture beautiful flowers - Olga petrova.
Etsy featured an article about Lauren's (fancifulform) quiting her day job, very inspiring!

Review of DREAM machine by one of the members of Delphi forums - LeonardaAnn, very interesting!

lilyuka / lilya kalinina probably from Russia? she has some colorful cheering art in her flickr -
and look at these cute ipod shuffle!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Polymeri Online 15.10.09

Katy Schmit from Germany, have a degree in technology and economic and makes beautiful designs with polymer clay.

A nice tutorial for using an inkjet printer to print onto a thin, baked sheet of polymer clay. This technique works best for an item that is going to have a flat finished surface.

Mariela Tu Hada Mágica from Argentina is dedicated to the design and creation of souvenirs and craft figures in polymer clay and cold porcelain.

take a look at this mass productions of canes & buttons! making a fabric design with polymer clay! amazing! can i loan these workers for few weeks? :)
(thanks Zu! fixed)

LuShae Jewelry is making an online competition for the chance to win $200 cash (to spend anywhere you like). Simply display one of their jewelry badges on your blog, website or social profile page and be automatically entered each and every month. The sweepstake giveaway is open to all countries! i got my badge!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Polymeri Online 10.10.09

Horriblesweet from The Netherlands is making amazing fantazy looking sculpturings with air drying clay and polyester. her head-body shape conbinations are what turning the items from sweet to a bit scary (cat face with a bird body) :)

want to make something with kids? try this Woven clay basket tutorial by first pallette - Your step-by-step guide to kids' crafts

Wanda's designs (Wanda Shum) made some cool new Santa, snowman and snowflake canes

Ma-Betlette has some cool photo tutorials in her flickr - home-made roller bead, curved bead, damascus cane alternative, skinner blend beads, express colorfull cane, Mosaics Chinese brush & pastel tutorial

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 2009 PCAGOE challenge - come and vote!

Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy's Challenge is online! Each month, our members create a piece of polymer clay artwork which they feel best interprets the challenge theme. The theme for October is "Favorite Art or Artist".

Our members were asked to interpret one of their favorite works of art or artist or to take inspiration from the colors or style of their favorite artist or perhaps from the life of their favorite artist painter. The entries this month are all beautiful works of art themselves!

come and vote for the entry you feel best interprets the theme in the drop-down menu in the voting box between October 1, 2009 and midnight, Eastern U.S. Time of October 7, 2009

Five lucky winners chosen at random will also receive beautiful polymer clay prize packs created by our members!

thank you for your time :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Polymeri Online 1.10.09

LizardsJewelry / Liz Hall is a silver and polymer clay artist, she combine them both into beautiful jewelry pieces, her designs are both organic and geometric forms, usually with colorful stones, glass or found materials. The majority of her pieces are pendants, necklaces and earrings. more about her in her etsy store profile.

Doubleparlour is an art collaboration between Ernie and Cassandra Velasco. Both are artists who like to explore a variety of subject matters with different mediums. Some works are done as a joint effort and others are solo works. Current work includes drawings, prints, paintings and polymer clay sculptures.

Toni Ransfield from NZ sponsored a Fimo Nail Competition for nails decoration, the competitors used her beautiful canes to design a winning nail design, choice was hard but the finalists were so colorful! Winning design was from New Zealand! Just thinking of these long nails, must be very hard to work at home or even clay with those long ones! but on the otherside, let's give DH do some house chores :)
Toni's link to her store is

One of my hobbies over the years was balloon sculpturing, i was hooked by that fast and colorful art of twisting balloons and making a beautiful piece out of it, i bought books and magazines and had a great time! and look what i found - a balloon dog pendant by roscata, she is a biologist, chonchologist, mesmerized by miniatures, and curiosities accumulator extraordinaire - this cutie brings me back to those balloons i love!