Thursday, February 12, 2015

Polymeri Online 12.2.14 | The new polymer mushroom city, Gaudi’s inspired mosaic, Plaster molding tutorial, Hearts flowers & Metal heart embellishment

BunnyX new polymer mushroom city
Bunny X productions is building a little town of polymer clay mushrooms, all decorated, colorful and seems cozy enough to live in
Her slogan “make art, live forever” is a good one. 
Art sure makes us happy and happiness is a key to long life, isn’t it?
In her etsy she is selling her tentacles jewelry along with her mushroom “carnival cottage” buildings. Looking for a new neighbourhood? consider hers...

Polymer clay Gaudi’s inspired mosaic
Radada has some original organic pieces in her flickr gallery. 
At first sight it seems mosaic but it’s polymer clay. Gaudi’s inspired this specific piece and she won one of the first places in a contestunder “décor” category, sharing her place with another artist (KalinkaPolinka).
Don’t miss her free polymer clay moss tutorial -

Plaster as your molding material
Have you considered creating molds from plaster? Artmind is a ceramic artist but you can be inspired by her free projects in polymer clay too!
Don’t miss her free 15 art and crafts tutorials that can fit perfectly one of your polymer clay projects!

2 Days before it’s all hearts and hearts and I’ve got 2 lovely links for you -

Hearts as your polymer clay petals
Maddisonmeg Graham’s pinterest photo jumped up when I searched for polymer clay hearts. Even though it’s not a polymer clay project it will sure suit your clay! (Believe me, I know, creating 26 flowers in thinthin clay!)
All you need is several layers of thin hearts, ball tools, muffins baking tray and you are ready to create beautiful blooming flowers! (pin link is not forwarding to the correct page)

Heavy Metal heart embellishment
Another link is create your hearts using a teardrop shape cutter/template, add gilders paste and you have a “metal” looking heart to embellish your cards/gifts!

Wishing you a nice weekend!