Thursday, July 30, 2009

PCAGOE August Challenge - Mix Media

This month the PCAGOE challenge theme was "Mix Media", it is going to be SO hard for the voters to choose from!

Come back here to vote for your favorite on 8/1. Voting will be open until midnight 8/7.

Lot's of prized for the voters too!

Polymeri Online 30.7.09

Hello every one! this week's polymeri post is so interesting and require lot's of "digging", i am not sure about my next one, i am taking a short vacation and flying to US (new-york and Chicago) to have some fun (of course i am taking a laptop with me), if you have some recomendations about shopping in Chicago - i'd will love to hear! / Jessi loves art in all forms, her dwelling petite hourses are so cute, you can put them at your bedside, or in a curiosity cabinet they are so charming. I hope her etsy store will soon be full of her beauties :)
Etsy shop

Valerie Wallace published a VERY useful tutorial in PCC forums on how to make a celtic cane using an extruder, it's a lot of work but assure perfect accuracy!here is the link

bounty_gg / Galina from Ireland, her blog is in russion but don't forget to check her tutorial link on the right.

Three Eye Studio / Susan Buhrman designs and creates original Art Mandalas, the work reflects the soul's yearning for balance and symmetry, she utilizes color, texture and reflective materials to "grab" the attention of the subconscious mind while providing a pleasing and uplifting visual experience for the conscious. She loves polymer clay and used a variety of mixed-media materials in her work.
see u soon!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

found some cool hamsa cutters in 4 sizes

while i was wondering and finding suppliers for hamsa shape cutters, i found some cool hamsa cutters in 4 sizes, a different shape i had before.

If you need some to make wall decor or a small cool keychain - check them out :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Polymeri Online 25.7.09 - Emi Sfard

My 3rd & last artist in this sequence is Emi Sfard from Israel, ever since she remembers herself she has been painting, illustrating, sculpting and disassembling devices to see how they work. she was five year old when started attending the Youth Wing of the Israeli Museum of Art, which soon became her second home. There, she was exposed to a world of materials and to the history of art, and learned jewelry, sculpturing, painting, and more.
Later, she studied carpentry for a couple of years. In parallel, took private lessons in drawing and painting with the artist Marek Yanai.
Her first degree in Industrial Design is from Bezalel Academy of Art. she worked as an industrial designer for five years, whereas three of them were spent in Frog Design, Milan Italy. At the end of this period she realized that her passion was still, as it has always been, illustration, painting and sculpting.

Today, she is living in Tel-Aviv and dedicate herself to illustration and painting.

The photo i've included in this post is one of photos made for a 3D Passover Hagada, The illustration work was done by sculpting scenes that were then photographed using special equipment and method to create a 3D image.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Polymeri Online 24.7.09 - Suzanne Del Rizzo

Suzanne Del Rizzo is a stay at home mom with four small children, from Oakville Ontario.
she has a honours science degree from Queen's University but always had a passion for art. she has worked with polymer clay since the early'90's during and after university, but only recently began exploring plasticine as a medium after reading a few books my children brought home from the library illustrated by Barbara Ried. she was totally inspired by her fantastic plasticine illustrations, and liked the properties of plasticine as it stays pliable and doesn't require baking, in the past she used to work with polymer clay to make jewelry, but decided to focus on plasticine at the moment.
Suzanne loves doing cottage/home portraits and depicting children at play, and she takes pride in adding very specific details to her work, to make it something unique and special.

we can be inspired by this beautiful work!

visit her flickr site @

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Polymer Clay Retro Hearts & Bugs

Polymer Clay Retro Hearts - Pins
Originally uploaded by Iris Mishly - איריס משלי.

I've collected about 2000 discs of my recycled items, i am constantly thinking about what to do and how to play with them, i made some retro heart pins and also used them for the bugs i made for the "mix media" PCAGOE august challenge, and of course some jewelry, it's fun!

Polymeri Online 23.7.09 - Carrie Tasman

For the next few days i would like to feature some ladies, each with her own amazing polymer clay work. i didn't want to put them all in a list in my polymerionline weekly post because each of them deserve her own "stage" :)

I came across Carrie Tasman when we discussed business, i didn't know how talented this lady was! she is a painter who stumbled onto polymer clay quite by accident ten or so years ago. she started stamping and painting sculpey to make small frames for tiny prints of her larger acrylic paintings. This year she experimented with colored clay and then after reading every book in the library (she is sending her thanks to all) she became obsessed with how to make millefiori canes. she is a painter, so she want to make beautiful, colorful pieces to hang on the wall. she started with small 5x7 still life collages with stamped clay and millefiori canes and have been making progressively larger pieces. those floral pieces (see photo attached) are 8x10 mounted on board, she used techniques from my tutorial and she wrote and told me that the tut stepped her canes up a notch : )
Carrie loves pattern, texture, and the piecing quality of working in clay, and the endless variations of millefiori canes. Please stop by her website to see more at

How wonderful!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Polymeri Online 11.7.09

Carrie Goller is using a variety of medias, this keeps her endlessly inspired — oil, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, mixed media and encaustic — the ancient process of melting, applying, then fusing beeswax. Goller is currently enjoying exploring a new media -- figurative sculpture with polymer clay too.

Polpette Clay - is creating Handcrafted polymer clay creations, she is currently enjoying her time chasing two little guys around the house. her older son loves working with polymer clay, as she does, so they have lots of fun cooking up new ideas together. Most of her creative energy is focused on chalkboards and polymer clay at the moment.

Some cool tutorials from polymer clay italia blog, a cute figurine -
and a wire frame for pendants!

It's all about what you hold on your key chain! cute and funny holders, faces, skulls, makes me smile!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Elephant tile for the PCAGOE alphabet project

My Elephant tile for the PCAGOE alphabet project
Originally uploaded by Iris Mishly - איריס משלי.

isn't he a bit short for an elephant? but he is still cute :)

My tile will be a part of a charity alphabet project by the polymer clay artists guild of etsy, and after all letters will be collected it will be donated.

for more details on the charity projects of our guild you are welcome to visit -

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Polymeri Online 2.7.09 and some vacation adventures

Hello everyone, at the moment i am writting my post from the hotel lobby (i am in Eilat, which is the southest city in Israel, the perfect place for vacations and holidays), family is with me and we took a short vacation as a great summer start, school is over and we are enjoying the summer with pool, sun and... swimming with Dolphins! yesterday i had the most amazing adventure when both me and the kids took a short dive with dolphins, what an experience! recommended (if you have some dolphins around :)

i cannot forget you all, so i am here for some PC links...

Amazing polymer clay sculptures by Owen Klaas, As a child he was constantly drawing and practicing the art of caricature. About ten years ago he discovered polymer clay and his art would never be the same. he realized that he could turn his one dimensional drawings of weirdness into fully realized three dimensional objects of weirdness, and of course
(like all of us), he was hooked :) - see photo of beatles

MandarinMoon / Chris Kapono Born and raised in Missouri, she has been painting and drawing for most of her life, loves animals and anything to do with nature and the outdoors. she is making oragnic, stamped creations, uses glass gems painted with acrylic and metallic paint. some of her glass vases has Holes cut in the clay to allow light to shine through.

taiping wawa from China makes small cute & unique sculptrings, i wish i could see more of her photos :)

My fellow friend and clayer Angela, opened (finally) her Hamsa store, take a look, it's beautiful.