Saturday, July 25, 2009

Polymeri Online 25.7.09 - Emi Sfard

My 3rd & last artist in this sequence is Emi Sfard from Israel, ever since she remembers herself she has been painting, illustrating, sculpting and disassembling devices to see how they work. she was five year old when started attending the Youth Wing of the Israeli Museum of Art, which soon became her second home. There, she was exposed to a world of materials and to the history of art, and learned jewelry, sculpturing, painting, and more.
Later, she studied carpentry for a couple of years. In parallel, took private lessons in drawing and painting with the artist Marek Yanai.
Her first degree in Industrial Design is from Bezalel Academy of Art. she worked as an industrial designer for five years, whereas three of them were spent in Frog Design, Milan Italy. At the end of this period she realized that her passion was still, as it has always been, illustration, painting and sculpting.

Today, she is living in Tel-Aviv and dedicate herself to illustration and painting.

The photo i've included in this post is one of photos made for a 3D Passover Hagada, The illustration work was done by sculpting scenes that were then photographed using special equipment and method to create a 3D image.

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