Thursday, July 30, 2009

Polymeri Online 30.7.09

Hello every one! this week's polymeri post is so interesting and require lot's of "digging", i am not sure about my next one, i am taking a short vacation and flying to US (new-york and Chicago) to have some fun (of course i am taking a laptop with me), if you have some recomendations about shopping in Chicago - i'd will love to hear! / Jessi loves art in all forms, her dwelling petite hourses are so cute, you can put them at your bedside, or in a curiosity cabinet they are so charming. I hope her etsy store will soon be full of her beauties :)
Etsy shop

Valerie Wallace published a VERY useful tutorial in PCC forums on how to make a celtic cane using an extruder, it's a lot of work but assure perfect accuracy!here is the link

bounty_gg / Galina from Ireland, her blog is in russion but don't forget to check her tutorial link on the right.

Three Eye Studio / Susan Buhrman designs and creates original Art Mandalas, the work reflects the soul's yearning for balance and symmetry, she utilizes color, texture and reflective materials to "grab" the attention of the subconscious mind while providing a pleasing and uplifting visual experience for the conscious. She loves polymer clay and used a variety of mixed-media materials in her work.
see u soon!

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  1. Like them all but the Mandalas are Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing :)