Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Polymeri Online 24.12.13 | Polymer succulents and fish, Mother nature in clay painting, Mix media jewellery, Colourful ladybug tutorial and iPhone/iPod clay chargers & Merry Christmas!

First let me wish all of you celebrating Christmas, a merry holiday with lot's of smiles, joy and wishes fulfilment!

May 2014 be joyous, pleasant, peaceful, pampering and healthy year, with endless happy family, friends, work, hobby moments!

La Derallista's clay art
Tiny little cactus pots and other succulents plants are a part of LaDerallista's world. Spanish artist Iratxe Maruri sculptures and creates her small pots as well as fish and other creatures by hand, no molds are used, and she combines other materials such as wood and acrylic paints in her pieces. 
LaDerallista tiny pots
They are so cute it's hard to choose which photo to feature!

Mother nature painting
Doodled creations from the Phillipins is mostly creating small cake toppers figurines and small personalised keychains but this picture, posted in her Instagram is a bit different from her usual art, It was a special ordered commissioned work; polymer clay painting of mother nature. 
The fact that polymer can be 2 or 3 dimensional produces such unique results! 

Monika's mix media jewellery
Monica Rotta is a Facebook find. She is a mix media polymer clay artist and use various materials in her work - fabric, metal, beads, paints, powders, possibly foil and more.
In her Facebook page you will find several of her organic looking designs and some of her experiments in clay. 

Polymer clay ladybug tutorial
Take a look at this cute beetle/lady bug project posted on Pinterest (by Belkomor), take a piece of clay, form a thick button shape and mark the eyes and middle line, then cut (I think it's cutters) it's shape and pinch with your fingers to form a half dome. Then, cut it's bottom to create a flat base. Bake and add acrylic paints or chalks!

Clay charger
Last trick is dedicated to your iPhone electric charger, once again there are no boundaries with polymer! 
Wondering what these are? No, they are not inros, these are charger covers made of clay! Emily Miller made millefiori tiny covers for chargers! No need to ask "where is MY charger??" any more, (these are common questions in our house!) Each one has it's own!
Great gifts!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Polymeri Online 17.12.13 | Natascha Style flatware, Liquid clay & silicon molds, Galaxy Christmas tree ornament, Upgrade your chair with polymer clay and Unusual bracelet wooden bases

Natascha Style Utensils
Dulany Lingo is a mother of 2 from Texas and was a glass artist for many years before she discovered polymer clay. When she moved to Colorado in the 90's she built a large studio and started doing all the things she wanted to do for years - photography, wood boxes, quilting, knitting and changing surfaces on just about everything.
Polymer clay is her primary passion at the moment and even though having successes and failures she can't seem to go more than a couple of weeks without wanting to try something new (aren't we all?).
She has several favourite techniques but she also like B&W colours, stamping, extruding and so many more! After experiencing with art galleries "politics", as she calls it, in the past, a local gallery  encouraged her to sell her polymer clay work which is very successful. Her flatware are wonderful! So colourful, happy and joyous! Loved her Natascha style! Don't miss her other designs, a real treat.

Creative Mold people (Russia) are "playing" with molds as well as polymer clay.  Maria Kosava, an artist familiar with many materials, is the designer of these molds and textures.
In one of her free tutorials she is demonstrating the use of liquid clay (she mentions FIMO gel as a better choice) along with metallic powder or other pigments of your choice, placed on her molds thouroughly , carefully discarding leftovers and then baked in a pre-heated oven (just like a regular silicon tray we use for baking) for 15 minutes.
The result is a beautiful colourful, flexible, 3D sheet which can be used in your final polymer clay projects.
In Russian and in English (hope the translate works)

Polymer Clay Tree Ornament - A new galaxy?
Have you seen this "out of this world" tree ornament?
"WingOfClay" (Adrienne Lojeck) posted her galactic tutorial experiment, using red glass ornament, pointy tools and copper paint!  Thank you Adrienne!

Ora Mazor, a polymer clay artist from Israel is using her polymer skills to upgrade an old rocking chair into a beautiful polymer mosaic one.
In her Pinterest board, she shares her item renewal projects, small furniture mostly, by using a variety of techniques and coatings: polymer clay, stones, ceramics, glass and more. Time consuming but worth it!

Irina's wooden bracelets bases
Last useful link to spend money (I'm guilty!) is Ukraine Irina's wooden beads and bracelets blanks. I already ordered several and would experiment with it as soon as it arrives (*have to find free time).  Their unique forms and shapes seems perfect for polymer clay covering and their weight may be light enough to carry it. I shall have to be patient and see.

Another large scale project is at my door step (not a tutorial this time), I hope to post photos as I go, meanwhile I am warming myself in the evenings in front of the tv with my granny square project which is slowly growing. 40 squares are ready, 100 to go. I guess by the time winter is over, my blanket will be ready. :)

Keep warm!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

6 Tips to protect your polymer clay work from being stolen while in an art & craft show

The upcoming Christmas is a a fantastic opportunity for many of us to show and sell our polymer clay work and even though it's actually an enjoyable as well as pleasant setting, it’s also important to be aware of theft.

Here are six methods to "get rid of thieves" while working at art & craft shows:

1. Welcome Shoppers
Smile and be sure to welcome every person which approaches your presentation area. :)
This really encourages sales, tends to make shoppers feel desired, as well as discourages thieves.
I have discovered that numerous suspicious individuals will shift and then leave if you provide them with a friendly greeting making eye-to-eye contact. If you're able to recognize somebody and point them out if you see them again, these people don’t wish to be caught taking anything of your stuff.

2. Employ A Companion (friend? A teenager neighbor?) & Be Watchful
It truly helps to have more than one person in the sales space.  One could help you along with shoppers while the other one can finish a sale and wrap the gift.  That way you can continually be watchful and provide excellent customer service simultaneously.  Having someone (or even two) to work at your own presentation space is one of the ideal way to prevent theft.  An additional pair of eyes may slow down any thief's tries.
Also, do not ever abandon your booth un-watched.  Asking additional participants to protect your booth when you go to the ladies room isn't best because they could possibly be occupied with their own customers which leads the way for skilled thieves to view your display as well as walk off with goods.

3. Become An Ideal Neighbor
Speaking of additional participants, having a good working connection together with your nearby neighbors may also prevent thieves. Once you set up, be sure to clear boxes as well as packaging content. Mess could make it more convenient for any thieves to act.  Additionally, make sure to be totally organized once the people are permitted inside so you aren't pre-occupied and you will be able to focus on customers.

4. Create Your Display To Prevent Theft
Arrive early and set up your exhibit so there is nothing away from your sight. This particular is especially essential with your money.  Putting on a vendor apron with cash pouches or perhaps a  purse to hold your cash is extremely important.  Don’t leave it available where somebody might get it.

5. Know The Rules/Contract
Understand your contract with the exhibit administrators. A standard agreement says that the vendor's property is your own risk rather than the show's responsibility.  Many agreements declare that the show managers will not be responsible for theft, damage or loss of property.

6. Why Not Change The Display?
Shows running several days provide a chance to change your presentation area. Examine what worked and what is actually a better set up.  This will give you a chance to design your area better.  There is an additional advantage because some exhibits provide a lot of repeat participants who are able to become repeat customers the next day if the booth will be set up to display different items.
Also, it is wise to keep a watchful eye on potential customers even though you may helping another customer.  Remember, someone may inquire simply to draw your attention away while someone else may take products from the display.  Caution is necessary at all times.

And most of all, Enjoy! There is something SO fulfilling with the thought that your beloved jewelry or polymer clay art being worn, given or owned by a new person in a new home! (Sometimes it is hard to parted from it but this is a whole different post to discuss)...
Don't forget to check out my post regarding what to take with you to your show!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Polymer Clay Projects! How-to Collection to some of my favorite holidays tutorials!

Finally we got some rain and cold this weekend, the past week was pratically summer with 30 Celsius (!) and it seems like winter will never come.
Israel's winters are notoriously known for their short period, it's funny that we even sell winter cloths, 1 month top and it's back to flip flops...

In this chilly spirit I am gathering some of the online Christmas polymer clay projects you can find online, some of these were posted in my blog in the past (taken from my YouTube channel) and some are fresh ideas for you to experiment just before the holiday approach or while you are spending your time warming up near the fire place with family, friends or having quality time to yourself (keep your clay away from the fire, though...)

Polymer clay Snowmen Pens Free Tutorial

One of my most popular projects was the Snowmen pens, a fun project for children and adults, don't miss it, it's so easy and so cute!

Christmas Tree ornaments
Christmas Ornaments to hang on your tree! Gather your cutters, clay and blades and start playing!

Mistletoe FREE tutorial
The Mistletoe FREE video project which was a part of the "Flower Academy" tutorial, this project can give you endless ideas and new tools and techniques to create with polymer!

Crochet polymer clay photo frame
You can even take this crochet heart project and convert it into a beautiful Christmas photo frame using holidays colors!

Spinning tree ornament
and of course the recent How to spinning ornament made of strips of polymer clay, baked and painted.
You don't have to use an extruder for this project, you can also roll your sheets flat in the pasta machine and cut them manually, or use the fettuccine rollers to cut them wider.
Don't work with too thin strips so it won't break when you drill it.

Ginny's snowman tutorial
Ginny Baker is creating whimsical clay characters and all breed dogs items for over 22 years, here is a video of her demonstrating her handsome snowman sculpture!

Tree charm tutorial video
Here is another cute project by IHaveAStrawberry for creating miniature tree charms, using tooth brush as a texturing tool and liquid polymer clay + green acrylic paint as the "frosting" material on the charm. They do look like cookies!

Polymer clay wreath video by Deb
Deb is sharing her mini-wreath tutorial as a part of a bigger project. Her creations are so adorable!

Don't forget to checkout my Brocade collection tutorial for creating polymer purses that can be easily transferred into a colorful illuminated tree ornament with a small led lamp inside it!

Illuminated ball sized purses/ornaments - Lights on...

and...Lights off!

Have a cool (yet warm) weekend!