Thursday, December 12, 2013

6 Tips to protect your polymer clay work from being stolen while in an art & craft show

The upcoming Christmas is a a fantastic opportunity for many of us to show and sell our polymer clay work and even though it's actually an enjoyable as well as pleasant setting, it’s also important to be aware of theft.

Here are six methods to "get rid of thieves" while working at art & craft shows:

1. Welcome Shoppers
Smile and be sure to welcome every person which approaches your presentation area. :)
This really encourages sales, tends to make shoppers feel desired, as well as discourages thieves.
I have discovered that numerous suspicious individuals will shift and then leave if you provide them with a friendly greeting making eye-to-eye contact. If you're able to recognize somebody and point them out if you see them again, these people don’t wish to be caught taking anything of your stuff.

2. Employ A Companion (friend? A teenager neighbor?) & Be Watchful
It truly helps to have more than one person in the sales space.  One could help you along with shoppers while the other one can finish a sale and wrap the gift.  That way you can continually be watchful and provide excellent customer service simultaneously.  Having someone (or even two) to work at your own presentation space is one of the ideal way to prevent theft.  An additional pair of eyes may slow down any thief's tries.
Also, do not ever abandon your booth un-watched.  Asking additional participants to protect your booth when you go to the ladies room isn't best because they could possibly be occupied with their own customers which leads the way for skilled thieves to view your display as well as walk off with goods.

3. Become An Ideal Neighbor
Speaking of additional participants, having a good working connection together with your nearby neighbors may also prevent thieves. Once you set up, be sure to clear boxes as well as packaging content. Mess could make it more convenient for any thieves to act.  Additionally, make sure to be totally organized once the people are permitted inside so you aren't pre-occupied and you will be able to focus on customers.

4. Create Your Display To Prevent Theft
Arrive early and set up your exhibit so there is nothing away from your sight. This particular is especially essential with your money.  Putting on a vendor apron with cash pouches or perhaps a  purse to hold your cash is extremely important.  Don’t leave it available where somebody might get it.

5. Know The Rules/Contract
Understand your contract with the exhibit administrators. A standard agreement says that the vendor's property is your own risk rather than the show's responsibility.  Many agreements declare that the show managers will not be responsible for theft, damage or loss of property.

6. Why Not Change The Display?
Shows running several days provide a chance to change your presentation area. Examine what worked and what is actually a better set up.  This will give you a chance to design your area better.  There is an additional advantage because some exhibits provide a lot of repeat participants who are able to become repeat customers the next day if the booth will be set up to display different items.
Also, it is wise to keep a watchful eye on potential customers even though you may helping another customer.  Remember, someone may inquire simply to draw your attention away while someone else may take products from the display.  Caution is necessary at all times.

And most of all, Enjoy! There is something SO fulfilling with the thought that your beloved jewelry or polymer clay art being worn, given or owned by a new person in a new home! (Sometimes it is hard to parted from it but this is a whole different post to discuss)...
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  1. Great ideas.

    A few more.

    Display more valuble creations on a display where you can tape the necklace or earrings on the back. Have scissirs in your apron ready to clip the tape off when purchased.

    .Also having say earrings or necklace on stands or the bases pinned in the back helps.

    Also a double sided tape to the bottom of items in bags or packaged items, it may take an extra minute to lift it iff your display and that extra time is time a theif will not have.

    Also have your packaging /bags ready in a row and tissue or bubble wrap cut and ready. A cute little inexpensive bright bag also brings notice to your items as buyers walk around carrying their treasure they bought from you. I make cute hand folded boxes with a wire handle. Have tissue in them ready to put there goodies inside. Less time for packing up and less time for distraction. It also looks nice behind your selling table.

    A buyer does look at what and how you work. Display. Its very important.

    Tv trays behind your display with your calculator, (best to have a list of totals too) if you have many items at a certain price write down the math for several together so you don't get distracted doing math and less time with your money box or money in hand or in the open. Always have change. This us when theves will act when your scrambling in your purse for a quarter.

    Theives work together as well. Some will distract as others take. Always great every person even if you stop a conversation with one customer to great another to say hello.

    I found a good distraction as well. Say hi and hand them your business card. Hence putting something in their hands. Say ill be with you shortly if busy. Works great.

    Sorry years of law enforcement. Lots of reports of thefts. Its such a personal hurt to have your hard work stolen. So protect it.

    Smile your on camera cards on your display in a few spots. a good tip too if its a huge event and your going to be busy. ;)

    Always face the customers. Dont turn your back to package up the order or take payment.

    Great post as this time a year is very bad for this.

    Great selling tip. Do a demo or put one out of how clay creations are made. A bar of clay. A cane in a few steps and a almost finished piece. With a sign that says clay design process. Some pass clay thinking its pained. Seeing how much work it is helps sales and appreciation of your work.

    I like to make cane slices baked that says take one next to it. They will pick it up. Feel and look at it and it has brought me many sales. Cute to watch adults dig for their favorite too.

    Hugs to all.