Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Polymer Clay Projects! How-to Collection to some of my favorite holidays tutorials!

Finally we got some rain and cold this weekend, the past week was pratically summer with 30 Celsius (!) and it seems like winter will never come.
Israel's winters are notoriously known for their short period, it's funny that we even sell winter cloths, 1 month top and it's back to flip flops...

In this chilly spirit I am gathering some of the online Christmas polymer clay projects you can find online, some of these were posted in my blog in the past (taken from my YouTube channel) and some are fresh ideas for you to experiment just before the holiday approach or while you are spending your time warming up near the fire place with family, friends or having quality time to yourself (keep your clay away from the fire, though...)

Polymer clay Snowmen Pens Free Tutorial

One of my most popular projects was the Snowmen pens, a fun project for children and adults, don't miss it, it's so easy and so cute!

Christmas Tree ornaments
Christmas Ornaments to hang on your tree! Gather your cutters, clay and blades and start playing!

Mistletoe FREE tutorial
The Mistletoe FREE video project which was a part of the "Flower Academy" tutorial, this project can give you endless ideas and new tools and techniques to create with polymer!

Crochet polymer clay photo frame
You can even take this crochet heart project and convert it into a beautiful Christmas photo frame using holidays colors!

Spinning tree ornament
and of course the recent How to spinning ornament made of strips of polymer clay, baked and painted.
You don't have to use an extruder for this project, you can also roll your sheets flat in the pasta machine and cut them manually, or use the fettuccine rollers to cut them wider.
Don't work with too thin strips so it won't break when you drill it.

Ginny's snowman tutorial
Ginny Baker is creating whimsical clay characters and all breed dogs items for over 22 years, here is a video of her demonstrating her handsome snowman sculpture!

Tree charm tutorial video
Here is another cute project by IHaveAStrawberry for creating miniature tree charms, using tooth brush as a texturing tool and liquid polymer clay + green acrylic paint as the "frosting" material on the charm. They do look like cookies!

Polymer clay wreath video by Deb
Deb is sharing her mini-wreath tutorial as a part of a bigger project. Her creations are so adorable!

Don't forget to checkout my Brocade collection tutorial for creating polymer purses that can be easily transferred into a colorful illuminated tree ornament with a small led lamp inside it!

Illuminated ball sized purses/ornaments - Lights on...

and...Lights off!

Have a cool (yet warm) weekend!


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