Friday, January 29, 2010

Polymeri Online 29.1.10

nailushka is preparing for valentine day making sweet pink canes, take a look at her flickr gallery, they are full of small slices of colorful (delisious looking) millefiori canes.

River Wolfe made a cute robot cane, she tells us it took 2 days, lot's of clay and 2 broken pasta machines! oh my, i hope she will not lose her desire to make more of these cuties!

I found a Baby sculpturing tutorial by Jenna Zadymov, and you can find so many other tutorials in miniland site - check the main page for more courses.

Zu has posted some new beads and a lime tutorial in her flickr - thank you Zu!
I had a great sunny day today, met Mira Krispil and Jana Roberts Benzon In Tel-Aviv, Jana is visiting Israel and teaching, what a wonderful day!
Have a great weekend :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winner of Heart Beads set is....

I took one of my readers advice and used a random name picker rather than cutting all your names up and popping them in a basket like I usually do.

I found this cool site, just enter the names and it feels like i am in Vegas for a minute! :)

I wish there can be more than one winner, I am sure all of you will make beautiful things with my beads.

here are the screen shots (photo), to keep names private here are the initials of the participants - a.s, b.k, m.k, c.r, c.o, b.f, l.c, y.,k l.s, l.r, j.w, p.m. l.p, r.s, k.w, h.c, n.g, b.v, c.l, c.n, k.m, r.w
and the winner is - N. G!

I will be sending you an email!

I want to remind you all about my special sale for the new PolyPediaOnline # 7 -Geometric Canes, it's 15% off just till the 1st of February.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New PolyPedia #7 Tutorial and New FREE Tutorial

A new great tutorial has joined my free PolyPediaOnline tutorials -
Natasha Beads: Make your own beads and needle tool decoration

and... A New E-book is Coming - #7!

I've been working all week, and my new E-book is almost ready!
This one is all about Making Geometric Canes, and the ETA is February 1st, 2010!
This E-book focuses on Geometric Millefiori Canes - How to make 9 (+ 1 Bonus) geometric canes - stripes, squares, rounds, dots, triangles and more. You can make new canes by variations and additions to the canes offered in this tutorial, providing you lots of new and exciting possibilities.
Join the PolyPediaOnline mailing list to get the free tutorial and read about the pre-order sale i am doing and if you are already a subscriber, an email is waiting in your mailbox :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Polymeri Online 21.1.10

Ifat Vayner (student) and Idit Zoota (teacher) created this beautiful face sculptured piece, Ifat is using both air dry clay and polymer clay in her art, this creation is all polymer clay. she is working with polymer clay for 5 years now. (idit's) (Ifat's) (Ifat's blog in hebrew)

m0lly74 / Amanda Hunt made a 1950's Line Dresses canes & a tv cane - they are so cool!

Take a look at Dinkyta / Miryam Garcia (spain) earings, they are made of millefiori and shaped as tubes.

an_lan posted a new Green and Burgundy necklace shaped as discs with a bit of an earthy look. beautiful.

Valentine Hearties - Giveaway Raffle

Want to win a FREE set of my Heart Pillow Beads?

For the next week i am making a special sale - Every one who buys one of my tutorials is getting into a raffle to win a FREE beautiful ~Rainbow Mix~ heart beads to make your loved ones stunning gifts! that's a 30$ worth gift!
Just enter my PolyPediaOnline store, or my Etsy store and choose your favorite tutorial!

1 Winner will be announed in the 27th of January so the hearts will arrive to your home on time :)

Good luck!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Polymeri Online 18.1.10

The Sage Arts is Fantasy, gothic, & myth inspired jewelry, decor, & art, She is an artist, a writer, and often times called Ms. McGuyver, no material is safe from being transformed once in her hands :)

Tavostia / Elena Aleshina lives in Moscow (Russia), She is a lawyer. In 2007 she learnt to work with polymer clay. Now this is her hobby. Look at her Scarfs with brooches - beautiful combination of colors.

HeartshapedCreations / Maria loves creating cute figurines from polymer clay - they are so adorable!

Heart sweet cookies by Italian artist candydesign7 / Tiziana working with fimo and makes jewelry and accessories.

just wanted to mention to you (and to myself) Previous post was the 500th post in my blog! did i write so many? :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

FREE - New Speedy Square Heart Millefiori Cane Tutorial

Valentine Project!

Today i took a day off from making heart pillow beads and wrote a new tutorial.

This tutorials is a quick square heart millefiori cane decorated with stripes - so easy to make!
If you want to get access to the tutorial and you haven't yet joined my PolyPediaOnline mailing list, Now it the time! Lot's of surprises to come only for you subscribers!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Polymer Clay Heart Pillow Beads - 2010 Collections

Polymer Clay Heart Pillow Beads - 2010 Collections
Originally uploaded by
Iris Mishly.

I just love Valentine!
2 reasons -
1st, i love making hearts, i have been making them for 3 years now and i feel i love it more and more with every year that is passing
2nd, Valentine this year means Synergy and CFCF trip! and this is another reason to celebrate :)

Check my Etsy store if you need some cool hearts in your keychains, as charms, necklaces, pendants, bracelets or even use them on your pet colar!
If you like to make them yourself - check my PolyPediaOnline Tutorial for making Polymer Clay Heart Pillow Beads!

2010 looks so colorful from here :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Polymeri Online 7.1.10

I've been browsing a bit in some french blogs and found many treasures, Look at this link - I love Cristalline Budha cane! her slide show is demonstrating the long and creative process of building it's components -

Sabine Alienor Singery has posted an interesting tutorial for making a steampunk bracelet in bronze, she is using BRONZclay™ bronze metal clay and some interesting ingredients like olive oil, although not polymer clay the technique can be adapted to PC as well.

The "Pigs-n-Stuff" Miniature pig collection consists of 50 designs of miniaturehand sculpted pigs in assorted "costumes" handmade by Teresa Stewart & they are so cute!

Another version of Hidden Magic dots tutorial featured in Fimofeerie blog, scroll down to 11 december date -

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Polymeri Online 3.1.10

Check this step by step flickr tutorial of a matrioska tutorial by Gálago / Fátima Fontúrbel Val

matsutake's idea for a quickie, handmade gift, a holiday fruitcake made of polymer clay

What a cool idea by Li'L Specs, make your own magnetic glasses hanger and you'll never have to remember where you put them :)

And this cute bus cane made by ChamaNavarro's students