Thursday, January 21, 2010

Polymeri Online 21.1.10

Ifat Vayner (student) and Idit Zoota (teacher) created this beautiful face sculptured piece, Ifat is using both air dry clay and polymer clay in her art, this creation is all polymer clay. she is working with polymer clay for 5 years now. (idit's) (Ifat's) (Ifat's blog in hebrew)

m0lly74 / Amanda Hunt made a 1950's Line Dresses canes & a tv cane - they are so cool!

Take a look at Dinkyta / Miryam Garcia (spain) earings, they are made of millefiori and shaped as tubes.

an_lan posted a new Green and Burgundy necklace shaped as discs with a bit of an earthy look. beautiful.


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  2. my first comment was deleted so I'll write another one:
    Thank you Iris for posting my work on you Blog, it's a great honor!
    It was amazing to work with Idit and to make 3D our of an idea.

  3. It's like the film "The Thing" with Kurt Russell!

  4. Hi, it is Jill Palumbo here. I just gave you a well-deserved blog award. Please come see.