Friday, January 29, 2010

Polymeri Online 29.1.10

nailushka is preparing for valentine day making sweet pink canes, take a look at her flickr gallery, they are full of small slices of colorful (delisious looking) millefiori canes.

River Wolfe made a cute robot cane, she tells us it took 2 days, lot's of clay and 2 broken pasta machines! oh my, i hope she will not lose her desire to make more of these cuties!

I found a Baby sculpturing tutorial by Jenna Zadymov, and you can find so many other tutorials in miniland site - check the main page for more courses.

Zu has posted some new beads and a lime tutorial in her flickr - thank you Zu!
I had a great sunny day today, met Mira Krispil and Jana Roberts Benzon In Tel-Aviv, Jana is visiting Israel and teaching, what a wonderful day!
Have a great weekend :)


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