Monday, January 18, 2010

Polymeri Online 18.1.10

The Sage Arts is Fantasy, gothic, & myth inspired jewelry, decor, & art, She is an artist, a writer, and often times called Ms. McGuyver, no material is safe from being transformed once in her hands :)

Tavostia / Elena Aleshina lives in Moscow (Russia), She is a lawyer. In 2007 she learnt to work with polymer clay. Now this is her hobby. Look at her Scarfs with brooches - beautiful combination of colors.

HeartshapedCreations / Maria loves creating cute figurines from polymer clay - they are so adorable!

Heart sweet cookies by Italian artist candydesign7 / Tiziana working with fimo and makes jewelry and accessories.

just wanted to mention to you (and to myself) Previous post was the 500th post in my blog! did i write so many? :)

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