Sunday, January 27, 2013

Polymeri Online 27.1.13 | Beautiful canes remains necklace, Free scrap cane tutorial, DIY bracelet tower display, Cats everywhere and Life Savers beads samples

Helene's Canes Remains Necklace
Hélène from Les Ethiopiques took the remains of her colorful canes, one of them called "vermicelli" and created this beautiful and impressive neck piece. Such a wonderful game of colors. Her blog is full of her polymer clay experiments and delights.

Free Scrap Cane Tutorial
Jeanette Kandray published a free tutorial on her website - Free scrap cane. She is using translucent cane ends and scrap.

DIY Bracelet Tower
Another original & stylish DIY display or storage stand for your bracelets was published in Miracle Spyer's blog, She is using an empty room mist fragrance bottle. The previous display was posted in this post

Polymer Cats
Cats as pins, cats as brooches, cats cake toppers and cats families are Francesca's passion. She creates in her free time and loves animals. She is also a digital art lover and creates custom graphic designs and digital cross stitch patterns.

I am still playing, preparing my free demo for CFCF, the LifeSavers beads. Here are some of the photos, the beads are not finished yet, the embroidery stitch is still missing but they look cool like this as well!

Life Savers Beads

Life Savers Beads

Life Savers Beads

Monday, January 21, 2013

Polymeri Online 21.1.13 | "Brave" mix media, Gems and faceted polymer clay, Wild stone tutorial, Tom and the clock, More from my working table

Inspirational Jewelry
Janet olson - ChickieGirlCreations creates beautiful pendants using so many techniques and materials! polymer clay, acrylic paints, inks, pens, sealers, textures, distress and patterns. Her mix media jewelry are all about color, and texture. She mentions she is influenced by nature, and as a result lean toward rustic and distressed designs. She also enjoys art journalism and positive messages interwoven in her art.

Faceted Polymer and Sterling
Marta Lugo design and creates contemporary jewels by transforming daily objects into jewelry pieces, her recent "Poliedra" collection is her interpretation of gems and faceted stones using sterling silver and polymer clay.

Wild Stone Beads Tutorial
"pink_lizzard" Julia is sharing with us her "wild stone" beads class. She says this effect was a happy accident. It all started as a watercolor technique project placed on a paper for a while, and after 2 weeks(!) on the paper she ended up with zero plasticizer and a very dry pile of clay. Then, turned it into beads.
It reminds me of those old Terrazzo floor tiles.

Tom's Clock Adventures
I came across "The Brooding Tom's" clock video on YouTube and dug inside a little more. The artist (tom?) is sharing his detailed experiments on sculpturing and creating large pieces, letting us know what worked and what went wrong in each project.
In the clock video series he is going through all the details for creating the piece until completion.
Fascinating work! Don't miss his recent alien videos.

I am continuing my CFCF samples - bags and beads this week, It is been a while since I did production work, and returning to that busy and meditating work (such as painting, shaping, gluing pins and zippers) is quite relaxing (and I am not including sanding into the "relaxing" category...)
Feels great to repeat the same project in different shapes, colors and designs, challenge to the mind and hands. I really enjoy it.

"Hamburger" Bag, I really liked it's shape!

Disc Chic Beads | Flakes Technique

Alien's bag? Can't decide on it's name

"Brocade Collection" Polymer clay purses - all zippered up

Monday, January 14, 2013

Polymeri Online 14.1.13 | Clever polymer, Hypnotizing jewelry, Scented miniature, Clay-paper display and new projects samples for my CFCF classes

Polymer clay Jewelry by Victoria
Russian artist Victoria Mkhitarian's flickr gallery is a treat to the eye. Clever beads, original assembling and interesting patterns features her art work.
Blog -

Still waters by Cassy
A visit at Cynthia Tinnaple's pinterest gallery led me to find Cassy Muronaka's website and jewelry. Her Still waters pendants, deep, 3D, are hypnotizing. Cassy was a journalist for many years and decided to move from journalism to photojournalism. In the early 1990s, Cassy began working with polymer clay as a nighttime relief from the joys of motherhood and using it since.

Miniature polymer clay bobby pins
Candice Ware is the artist behind these cute bunny waffle bobby pins, she creates miniature food jewelry that's scented and also sell molds for your own DIY art. Want your jewelry scented as well? check out her fragrance bottles in her Etsy store.

Original toilet-polymer jewelry display
This is one original jewelry display made of.... toilet paper!
The crafter - WingsOfClay said she was looking for a reasonable priced display and when couldn't find any she used a paper towel roll, a toilet paper roll, and scrap clay. A full photo tutorial is included!

Brocade collection bags
I was busy the past month preparing new project samples for my guest classes on Cabin Fever Clay Festival 2013 (CFCF), Maryland, USA, this event is going to be a great opportunity to polymer clay artists to share knowledge, exchange techniques and... have a good time! After all, a good university isn’t an institution, but a community of learning.
If you're considering having 1 week off from home duties, laundry and sleepless nights, and speak "polymerian" all day (and night!) check the last spots available -

Brocade collection bags

Skyscraper pendants/beads

Skyscraper pendants/beads

Skyscraper pendants/beads

Skyscraper pendants/beads

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Polymeri Online 9.1.13 | Big sized polymer clay purses, Glasses and phone box, Joyous necklace and Cube stamping tutorial

Polymer clay purses
While working on my new sample purses for CFCF 2013, I found this great link - The girls from "Parole de Pate" made a purses challenge among themselves, this time, not a miniature - it's a real size bag mostly made of polymer clay, additional materials are allowed. They did a fabulous work!

Polymer clay box
and another purse-box item made by Liz and Frog, beautiful created, those fine details! People think I have the patience to work with tiny pieces but I think Liz deserves a medal!
Don't miss her super cool "I'm so sexy" millefiori cane

Joyous Necklace!
VeruDesign joyous necklace reminded me of my recent Extruder experiments, these wrapped beads create such a fun piece!
VeruDesign is Veruschka, the creator of beautiful one-of-a-kind polymer clay jewelry, she is a Bolivian girl, raised in Germany and Bolivia. Her flickr site is full of color and movement - love it.
and her FB and website.

Pastel Chalks Fimomaus Tutorial
Fimomaus - Veronique Hoffmann posted a fun free tutorial of cube stamping using pastel chalks. Veronique is a student of mine and is known for her speedy pace and fast learning.
Now, she is offering us her knowledge in this elegant pattern.
Thank you, my friend :)

My US trip is getting closer, 1 month ahead for planning, samples and swap gifts, I am off to my studio for more work, photos will be posted in a couple of days. Have a warm day! it's freezing here these days!