Sunday, January 27, 2013

Polymeri Online 27.1.13 | Beautiful canes remains necklace, Free scrap cane tutorial, DIY bracelet tower display, Cats everywhere and Life Savers beads samples

Helene's Canes Remains Necklace
Hélène from Les Ethiopiques took the remains of her colorful canes, one of them called "vermicelli" and created this beautiful and impressive neck piece. Such a wonderful game of colors. Her blog is full of her polymer clay experiments and delights.

Free Scrap Cane Tutorial
Jeanette Kandray published a free tutorial on her website - Free scrap cane. She is using translucent cane ends and scrap.

DIY Bracelet Tower
Another original & stylish DIY display or storage stand for your bracelets was published in Miracle Spyer's blog, She is using an empty room mist fragrance bottle. The previous display was posted in this post

Polymer Cats
Cats as pins, cats as brooches, cats cake toppers and cats families are Francesca's passion. She creates in her free time and loves animals. She is also a digital art lover and creates custom graphic designs and digital cross stitch patterns.

I am still playing, preparing my free demo for CFCF, the LifeSavers beads. Here are some of the photos, the beads are not finished yet, the embroidery stitch is still missing but they look cool like this as well!

Life Savers Beads

Life Savers Beads

Life Savers Beads

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  1. About Helène you could also mention for those who can read French her new book .
    I find your rings mignonnes.