Sunday, February 3, 2013

Polymeri Online 3.2.13 | PatchWork polymer tutorial, Clay flowers, Birdie meets her real sister, Anything is possible magnet and my new Long Neck Karen necklaces

Polymer Clay PatchWork Tutorial
My dear friend klavdija posted a wonderful pictorial for her patchwork jewelry. This is a beautiful technique which will tickle your fingers to go ahead and try it. I know I will!
Thank you dear friend!
While you are looking at her delights, jump in her Facebook page for more goodies -

Clay flowers
Natasha can not imagine her life without creativity and search (can't agree more). Her artistic love is devoted to flowers and stones, their incredible colors, shades and textures.
Her clay flowers are made of Japanese polymer clay which I think called Deco clay. Barrettes, rings and jewelry - looks so real, you can hardly believe it's clay.

Polymer birdie meet her real sister
Mina Creations - Chieko Sasaki, living in Tokyo Japan, works with glass and well as polymer clay - miniatures, canes and sculpturing. I stumbled across her little birds photo on Facebook, polymer bird meets a real one - or is it the other way around? Anyway, she says she is glad that her real bird appreciates art and welcomed the new friend. :)

Anything is possible magnets
Joy Magnet Art is all dedicated to message magnets, each is like a miniature "collage in clay". Pieces of clay are torn into "fragments", and impressed with stamps and other objects for interesting designs. Most pieces have several layers of clay, with various inspirational words and positive sayings. Anything Is Possible :)

Remember these?
Well, they turn into these.
After using metal rings between the beads, they look more like the Long Neck Karen women, don't you think?
I am almost ready for my trip next week.

Polymer clay beads | LifeSavers Necklace

Polymer clay beads | LifeSavers Necklace

Polymer clay beads | LifeSavers Necklace

Polymer clay beads | LifeSavers Necklace

Polymer clay beads | LifeSavers Necklace

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  1. My dear (with gold heart) friend Iris!
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