Sunday, February 10, 2013

Polymeri Online 10.2.13 | Tectonic bangles, Filigree patience, Polymer "Valen-Tins", Domed heart pendants and Illuminated smiley purses

Techtonic Polymer Clay
Have you seen Izabela Nowak's latest Tectonic bangles? I was open mouthed! So unique! Izabela is always keeping us intrigued by her beautiful designs and ooak innovations. Don't miss her "tectonic" pendants as well, it's "Earth-Quaking"...

Filigree Polymer Clay Tutorial

Marusic said she promised a master class on making filigree and she is keeping her promises (yay!) tedious - yes, time consuming - yes, but not difficult. All you'll need for this project is clay in two colors, liquid clay, cutting tool (knife, blade, etc.), toothpicks, needle and metal powders (and lot's of spare time!)
Another similar design of this delicate, tiny art form was posted in Sage Bray's blog featuring Olga Shukova. Admirable.


MaryAnne posted lovely tin covers especially for Valentines, she calls it "Valen-tins" :) Playing with textures and colors is common in her flickr gallery, Jewelry, journals, beads. don't miss her beautiful looking bracelet
and bangles.

Valentine's Heart Pendant Tutorial

Here is a fun tutorial by Becky from "PoshPinkGiraffe" for heart pendants for Valentines, using the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to create a domed effect. This material is definitely worth checking, I'll have to look for it when I am in USA next week.

4 days to my trip and I am finalizing my preparations with one final experiment, a glowing smiley purse (without glow in the dark clay) using translucent clays and tiny illumination. These can be so cool as atmosphere lights, hanging around the house, in case of loss of power (Beware Nemo Blizzard!) or even as Christmas tree ornaments!
Keep your fingers crossed for me that Nemo won't come back....
I am not sure posting in my blog will be possible while I am traveling, so you are welcome to follow me on FaceBook.
See you in another continent!

Polymer clay purses - Brocade Collection - Illuminated
Polymer clay purses - Brocade Collection - Illuminated

Polymer clay purses - Brocade Collection - Illuminated