Friday, February 25, 2011

See Through? Hexagon? Leather?

A year ago, when i visited the cakes supplies store (another favorite store for polymer clay goodies b.t.w), I couldn't resist that hexagon form and knew it's a future piece. It waited for a while and now the time has arrived :)

This new bracelets tutorial combines the perfect mix of polymer clay, a leather like finish, cut-out classic shapes, double/triple layers peeking through the cut-out holes and all kind of textures and designs hidden inside.

My tutorial demonstrates 2 different ways and 6 designs of creating elegant and attractive jewelry using triple/double layer clay sheets and cut out shapes.
In this class you will learn how to create 6(!) designs and incorporate the pattern in circular bracelets, hexagon bracelet, a round ring and a "mosquito" mesh bracelet.
plus - a 21 minutes VIDEO is included!

Like all my tutorials, this PDF is packed with tips, photos and step-by-step instructions.

Click here -

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Polymeri Online 22.2.11

Russia this week!

ktb_82 or T.kitina from the russion forum made a beautiful night city bracelet made of cut and sculpted buildings and formed into tiles. Her creation is based on a tutorial by another artist - be_main which uploaded a cat tile bracelet made in a similar technique.
Here is the night city bracelet post
and here is the cat tiles tutorial

natusiken / Natalia Vorobieva from russia is working with various materials and in polymer clay too. Her "soft" looking curly flowers caught my eyes, almost as fabric/felt looking - loved it!

A cool mini-tutorial by aller12 from the russion forum - a sculpted rose on recycled disc to use as a fun decoration

And speacking of roses and leaves, here is another version of leaves by Mingle-ua, another multi-talent artist from russian -

My grandmother roots comes from russia, too bad i don't speak the language...
спасибо! google translates thank you :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Master your favorite techniques - Special Offer!

The first two Millefiori Celebration tutorials were released last week and were a great success! Thank you!

3 NEW PROJECTS are joining the 9 tutorials available
They offered in "a never seen before" price for a limited time only!

for only 10$-12$ each! (instead of 16-19$)

Special price expires soon!

See your skills grow with up-close shots, full length videos, and step-by-step instructions.

all the details in this page -

Have a great warm weekend!

Polymeri Online 13.2.11

DesignTheory is a curator of contemporary art (as well as former visual artist and chef) who is obsessed with great design, in all its forms.
This piece is a real statement one, the organic forms of this necklace were inspired by the modernist sculpture of Brazilian artist Sergio Camargo and the song 'Fire of Love'.

Jessica made a beautiful christmas ornament which is perfect for valentine as well :) this golden heart cupcake is made of polymer and painted with acrylics.
and a group photo

Kindred Spirit Studios / Michelle DP's work is inspired by African tribal colors, patterns and motifs and the natural world. She works with paper, ink, stamps and her mix media work is full of color. I am almost certain i can see polymer clay in her pieces.

Supplies! I am always fond of goodies shops - In whysperFairy store you'll find silicone molds for wonderful quick and easy pieces -

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FREE VIDEO! How To Cover Cutlery With Millefiori Canes

Here is a quick free 10 minutes "How-To" Video for covering simple cutlery with polymer clay retro millefiori canes.
Choose your cutlery - small or big and make an original set with colorful millefiori canes!

How about you?
What is YOUR favorite millefiori project?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"The Millefiori Celebration" is Here!

I got an email, from one of my customers, Martha, asking a question almost every millefiori "caner" asking him/herself from time to time:

"...Hello Iris, I love making polymer clay millefiori canes, I have SO many cane boxes all around my house and working table,
BUT I have no idea how I can use these millefiori canes once I've created them? Help!
I'd love to see new ideas!...""

Millefiori canning in polymer clay is probably one of the popular niches in the polymer clay world and it's also one of my favorites!

I love making millefiori canes, trying almost every cane I can think of, so most of them end up in boxes for "future use" :)

If you are also, making lot's and lot's of polymer clay millefiori canes and store them in a box waiting for the "next project";

If you are in a "forever search" for a new cheerful, irresistible & exciting idea on how to use your millefiori canes and make beautiful products out of it -

"The Complete Millefiori Projects eBooks" are the
thing for YOU!

My 2 new ebooks are demonstrating HOW to USE millefiori canes rather than how to make canes, and show numerous ways you can use your millefiori canes to create a variety of colorful, sophisticated, stylish and magnificent projects!

I'm officially announcing "The Millefiori Celebration"!
Would you like to join me?

Click here to see all the details

Polymeri Online 5.2.11

Isabelle d'Hauterive is from Québec Canada, when she was twelve, a neighbor ceramist introduced her to the art of modeling clay. Creating, giving life has enchanted her, thus giving rise to her passion for sculpture. Years has passed and she paralleled her work as a ceramist with obtaining a degree in teaching. For years she left the arts behind, until the discovery of polymer clay, and her creativity has since been reanimated along with her passion.

ClayCenter / Berit Hines has worked many years in ceramics. She has moved from Holland to the US in 1999, and retired from Ceramics, after having sold her studio and most of her work in order to be able to immigrate. After just doing some water coloring she couldn't stay away from clay forever, and now indulging herself in the art of polymer clay and window paints.

ArtWen / Ainhoa is originally from Barcelona but now living in Avellino, Italy, her smiling figures, lovely eggplants and cute carrots are so sweet!

Tampinha from Portugal started her polymer clay work in 2007 as a joke according to her flickr profile (and google translate) and since then it has taken shape, she is considering herself a perfectionist and her polymer clay art looks not less than perfect with her tiny designs and delicious miniatures :)