Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Polymeri Online 22.2.11

Russia this week!

ktb_82 or T.kitina from the russion forum made a beautiful night city bracelet made of cut and sculpted buildings and formed into tiles. Her creation is based on a tutorial by another artist - be_main which uploaded a cat tile bracelet made in a similar technique.
Here is the night city bracelet post
and here is the cat tiles tutorial

natusiken / Natalia Vorobieva from russia is working with various materials and in polymer clay too. Her "soft" looking curly flowers caught my eyes, almost as fabric/felt looking - loved it!

A cool mini-tutorial by aller12 from the russion forum - a sculpted rose on recycled disc to use as a fun decoration

And speacking of roses and leaves, here is another version of leaves by Mingle-ua, another multi-talent artist from russian -

My grandmother roots comes from russia, too bad i don't speak the language...
спасибо! google translates thank you :)


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