Saturday, February 5, 2011

Polymeri Online 5.2.11

Isabelle d'Hauterive is from Québec Canada, when she was twelve, a neighbor ceramist introduced her to the art of modeling clay. Creating, giving life has enchanted her, thus giving rise to her passion for sculpture. Years has passed and she paralleled her work as a ceramist with obtaining a degree in teaching. For years she left the arts behind, until the discovery of polymer clay, and her creativity has since been reanimated along with her passion.

ClayCenter / Berit Hines has worked many years in ceramics. She has moved from Holland to the US in 1999, and retired from Ceramics, after having sold her studio and most of her work in order to be able to immigrate. After just doing some water coloring she couldn't stay away from clay forever, and now indulging herself in the art of polymer clay and window paints.

ArtWen / Ainhoa is originally from Barcelona but now living in Avellino, Italy, her smiling figures, lovely eggplants and cute carrots are so sweet!

Tampinha from Portugal started her polymer clay work in 2007 as a joke according to her flickr profile (and google translate) and since then it has taken shape, she is considering herself a perfectionist and her polymer clay art looks not less than perfect with her tiny designs and delicious miniatures :)


  1. Lovely figurines! I checked her site. Wow! A real pleasure seen those figurines. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the mention! I appreciate that very much. Berit