Sunday, February 13, 2011

Polymeri Online 13.2.11

DesignTheory is a curator of contemporary art (as well as former visual artist and chef) who is obsessed with great design, in all its forms.
This piece is a real statement one, the organic forms of this necklace were inspired by the modernist sculpture of Brazilian artist Sergio Camargo and the song 'Fire of Love'.

Jessica made a beautiful christmas ornament which is perfect for valentine as well :) this golden heart cupcake is made of polymer and painted with acrylics.
and a group photo

Kindred Spirit Studios / Michelle DP's work is inspired by African tribal colors, patterns and motifs and the natural world. She works with paper, ink, stamps and her mix media work is full of color. I am almost certain i can see polymer clay in her pieces.

Supplies! I am always fond of goodies shops - In whysperFairy store you'll find silicone molds for wonderful quick and easy pieces -


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