Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Polymeri Online 26.5.10 - Miniature food # 2

linsminis is a Mad miniaturist who specialises in OOAK foods & lives with 3 dogs, hens, pheasants & her husband, in the cold North East of England. Just by looking at her beauties i gained 2 pounds!
you may want to visit her etsy site and site as well

Daoine / Noelia from Spain is a well known polymer clay artist (which i personally met when i was teaching in England), she specializes in so many techniques and her perfect finishes are wonderful.
you can see more of her delights in this link -

Creative Abubot / Jara S loves crafting, along with making miniature food she is also making real food that looks delicious!

Snowfern - Ciny Teh is a very organized lady, she document her process, technique and tools in her blog - and shares lot's of information. She uses air dry clay & paper to make some of her miniature food.

Not really food but related :) this spaghetti bangle is made by SandrART / Sandra, she is from Croatia.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Polymeri Online 19.5.10 - White

Today we are celebrating Shavuot in Israel, it's a happy holiday commemorates the anniversary of the day God gave the Torah to the entire Israelite nation assembled at Mount Sinai, Shavuot is also connected to the season of the grain harvest in Israel and to this occasion we all dress in white which is a festive dressing to all holidays & let's not forget the dairy food we eat, this milky color is so eledant.
Today's PolymeriOnline post is all in white :)

White Polymer Clay Heart by Andrea, Jewellery Designer from the North West of England specialising in polymer clay. When she is not making jewellery she is a juggler of life, children and work.

White and Black Polymer Clay Woodgrain Pin or Brooch by Sarah (loveclay4), she is also sharing her technique - It is created out of polymer clay, baked, stained with acrylic paint and glazed. A metal backing is adhered with clay, created from a hand carved block print pressed in clay an original design.

White Polymer Clay Necklace and Earring Set by Teri Calbert, includes a textured pendant, textured rectangle clay beads and faceted green acrylic beads with matching earrings, she loves creating, whatever the medium.

Beautiful handmade grey and white polymer clay earrings by liwelula,

Antique Gold Flower Polymer Clay Earrings by Sylvia Windhurst, she enjoys creating one of a kind jewelry, exploring a variety of techniques, works primarily in beadweaving, and do some fiber art as well. This piece is discs of white polymer clay stamped with cute flowers and painted with an antique gold metallic acrylic paint.

Last one is a cute Polymer Clay Earrings "West Highland White Terriers" by Amantecatl (photo), Moscow-based polymer clay artist. Apart from creating things, she also translates and works hard on her business.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Polymeri Online 8.5.10 - Miniature Food #1

The next 2 posts on polymeri online will be about miniature food which becomes very popular, these miniatures from polymer clays or other air dry clays gathers a large group of fans & artists which uses them for decorations in doll houses, collections, jewelry and fun projects with kids.

I found some great artists making amazing miniature art on the web, look at this international collection of artists from all over the world!
I am sure that there are many more, this post is the 1st one and next week i will be posting more links showing these wonderful delights.

RiS_RiStudio / Ri S from Japan started to make miniature items & practicing writing english in her blog. she wishes to open her online shop some day and meanwhile you can enjoy her treats on flickr.

Cookieland / Claudia Martelloni (photo on right) from Italy is also an expert with the little foods, her flickr gallery is not for the hungry ones!

Here is a sample of tiny delights made into rings! Tiny delights from Lisbon Portugal, according to her story she like miniatures because her husband one day decided to offer her a dollhouse. As she's always painted and enjoyed crafts, it was easy to get passionate about this hobby.

PetitPlat by sk_ / Stéphanie Kilgast from France is a 24 years old food miniaturist.
She loves doing creative stuff, like miniatures, but also knitting, painting, drawing and well...
Miniatures are her actual passion.

Miniature-Chef / Hanna Lindroth from Sweden, is a lifelong crafter who always have loved to create art. she loves creating miniature food and tries to give it a realistic look as possible, she makes them thorough research on each piece.
All her creations are handmade in polymer clay as well as artist materials to add extra detail.

Now you go and have your breakfast/lunch/dinner! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010


Once again the time has come to draw the names!

The first 20 buyers of my newest tutorials (polypediaonline vol 8, 9, 10) got in a raffle and 2 of them are about to win a prize -
one will get a free tutorial of their choice and the other one a set of 4 real canes sent to their home.

I was all smiling with happiness when i got these lovely feedbacks from my customers after they reviewed the new tutorials -
Hello Iris! I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your latest tutorial. Butterflies are my favorite thing and I have been wanting to make some for a long time. Your instructions are so clear and so easy to understand. I just downloaded it today and I cannot wait to go home and give it a try. Thank you so much for all you do and for sharing your creativity.
Hi Iris, Thank you for the link to the videos. They are wonderful as is everything you touch. They are very clear, direct and oh so helpful. The music is very pleasant and they are filmed very well.
I love the three new tutorials and with the videos I can't fail.
Please never stop doing what you do so beautifully!
thank you every one!

This random name picker site was a great service last time, so instead of cutting all your names up and popping them in a basket i used it again.

Winners are -
Josie - wins a free tutorial!
Jill - wins a set of 4 canes!

Emails will be sent to you!