Thursday, July 26, 2007

Polymeri Online 26.7.07

How about taking a look at some more flickr clayers?

Claylady43 / Penni Jo Couch

Penni is a a wife, mother, grandmother also a designer/sculptor and writer. In 1981 she found a clay called Fimo and began to play with it for making doll house scale miniatures. Her work is beautiful.

PWdolls / Patience - Amazing dolls sculpturing

A new group on COLOR MIXING is opened in flickr for Recipes of Color mixing. From basic colors to advanced mixing in any material - painting, polymer clay, dough and more! I will be happy to hear what are your favorite colors and how did you mixed them :)

I'm addicted to tutorials and projects and so happy to find those on the web, it always amaze me how cooperative and sharing our global polymer clay community is. it is not like that in other materials! Thank you all!

Diane J. Mayer - Textured and Embellished Bookmark

Syndee holt - Light Switches Get the Texture Treatment

Amy Koranek - Four Seasons Welcome Plaque

Polymer clay world Projects: Box Clock, Shrinky-Dink Box, Pen, Mosaic Wall Clock and more!

Paper and Clay Studios by Elizabeth Kosterich - Paper and Clay Studios featuring finely crafted original mixed media artwork of handmade paper and/or polymer clay

I have to tell you what i saw in one of our Israeli forums, there was a lady, says that in the summer times she sees lot's of cockroaches going around in the pipe system (you know, of the sewage, Yukks!!), well, she had enough with them and decided to make something about it. she took FIMO polymer clay and made a "custom made sink plug" to prevent them from going up in the pipes! isn't that an idea? well, don't consider it a project but now i understand that there is nothing that can't be done from this material, now even the roaches will enjoy their colorful plug!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Polymeri Online 19.7.07

A nice project on making pillow mokume gane beads by firemountaingems

And the Complete story on Mokume Gane, and what amazing is that the polymer clay work has the identical look, i almost thought these were polymer clay photos down that page -

Beginner Project - Faux Lapis Polyclay Bead by Kathy Weaver

Barbara Forbes-Lyons sites are full of wonderful creations, we emailed one another few times, such a nice lady :)

One of her projects is Lazy Woman’s Mokume Gane

Are you a Marla Frankenberg Fan? I am! well, this "Treasure" show some great photos from Marla's workshop called - "Marlafiori"

Flickr! Visit CLBcreations / Cindy Riordan site with amazing sculpturing!
She says about her self that she is: Ecclectic, artistic, mother, wife, spiritualist, crazy, off the beaten path, scarrey, wierd, feminist, tarot ...type of person :))

A great project source from paroledepate blog - magnetic play board, mika & mokume gane and much more!

Another interesting link i found at polymer clay notes is whistle making from earth clay - such a brilliant ideas!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Canes on Ebay

After the long vacation, I'm back with new "Multi-Purpose" flower canes, There is a real pleasure doing these flower canes, it's so simple to leave them as they are or they can easily become a regular round cane with background, just choose any background color, add 6 triangles, reduce in size, and you have a whole new different design!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Polymeri Online 12.7.07

Some Weekend Links!

I found this nice African Cane in a french blog, scroll down to date: Friday May 4, 2007

A great tutorial Rainbow beads - Thank you Naama Zamir for finding this project!

I am a real fan of polymer clay notes blog, from time to time i start thinking, hey, one day i won't find new links to PC sites, and then i look at Susan Lomuto blog and realize there are so many sites i didn't see! Thank you Susan, you are a GOOD site finder!!
One of the sites i found there was Freakin' Fun and Fantastic Fiendish Friends by owen klaas with nice figures -

Rifka and Avi's Gallery is a colorful and most interesting - Take a look at their Polymer Clay and Photography World

Kraphti-Dez / Dez is a mokume gane artist, she loves this technique and it shows by looking at her work. Here is a Mask project with MG - (all her sets)

I didn't know Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild has flickr, here are their photos -

How can i not mention Progress & Possibilities '07?

Well, conrtatulation to all winners, i digged a little bit at the competitors links and find some i didn't know.

Finalists: Carol Blackburn
Mixed media - including journals, fabric arts and other work not falling into other categories

First place: Heather Campbell
Mixed media - including journals, fabric arts and other work not falling into other categories

Finalists: Varda Levram-Ellisman
Beads and bead sets - any object or related sets that are pierced by a hole, not finished jewelry

Second place: Cathy Braunlin
Non-figurative sculpture - including home decor, lamps, frames, etc.

Third place: Randi Taylor

Finalists: Suzanne Ivester
Non-figurative sculpture - including home decor, lamps, frames, etc.

Finalists: Chris Rutter
Figurative sculpture - including human, fantasy, animal figures, and masks

Have a great Weekend!