Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2 FREE Micro Macrame video tutorials - When Polymer clay and alcohol inks meet cords and knots

Polymer clay adapts into it so many mix media techniques - glass, mosaic, crochet - everything can be decorated with polymer clay beads...
So why not Micro Macrame knotting?

Micro Macrame may look complicated at first sight but it is in fact a very simple handcraft dated hundreds of years ago, used all over the world with thin / thick cords.

You can find macrame knotting in home accessories, jewellery, fashion and many more.

Once you master 3-4 basic knots you can create your own patterns and design and combine them with your own custom made polymer clay beads.

No need for special tools or materials! Only cords and beads!

Here is a free sneak peek to 2 free tutorials creating polymer clay earrings combined with metal findings and knotting.

If you do not have metal finding with holes you can create your own using polymer clay and small cutters, tooth picks or drilling after baking.

Click here to view both videos;

Have fun!

Friday, September 11, 2015

A NEW Master TUTORIAL! Your “INKredible Polymer” Mission, should you choose to accept it...

I am happy to announce my two new master classes -

1. The "INKredible Polymer 2" Pack &
2. The "INKredible Macrame" Pack 

Knowing polymer clay & macramé would be a perfect match, I've created 2 unique new classes, combining my 2 old-new passions - polymer clay and knotting – "The INKredible Polymer 2" & "The INKredible Macrame"

In these two "INKredible" packs I am featuring all my latest designs & techniques using polymer clay and alcohol inks. 
The pattern sheets were used both to create earrings ("INKredible 2" pack), as well as beads knotted into micro macrame ("INKredible Macrame" pack). 

Each "INKredible" class/pack can be purchased separately.

Pack # 1:
The Complete "INKredible 2" includes - 
* 20 Polymer clay and inks projects; PDF's & Video classes
* 6 bonus videos - Silk screening, Using stencils, Finishing your beads with resin, painting and drilling your beads;
* 2 bonus videos – Micro Macrame knotted earrings so you can start playing with knotting;


To purchase the INKredible2 20 projects class, Press HERE 


Pack # 2:
The Complete "INKredible Macrame" includes -

* ALL 20 "INKredible 2" projects! YES! all of the above - included!

* 29 final projects with full step-by-step videos demonstrating the amazing craft of Micro Macramé knotting through 3 class levels (can be purchased separately or all together): Bachelor, Masters & Ph.D in Micro Macrame knotting.

* A 50 minutes video as well as 25 pages PDF file explaining all about micro macramé cords, knots, tools & resources list, PLUS 3 detailed knots diagram pages you can take with your while you knot;


To purchase the INKredible Macrame 29 projects class, Press HERE 

Don't miss the goodies! 
Special promotion expires September 22nd!

Start your INKredible work today! 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Let’s give polymer a twist! New upcoming tutorial – GUESS & WIN!

Hello Everyone!
It’s good to be back ☺

For the past year I have been exploring new methods to upgrade our polymer clay work, give it a twist up.

Many of you asked me in my tutorial survey, for new ways to combine polymer clay artwork in mix media work while creating something beyond the basics.

The time has come! 

I am happy to announce my brand-new class, which will be offered in the next few days.

After working (for almost 9 months!) I have created over 60 videos and 50 projects, my “baby” is almost here!
Just few final pushes and it will be out ;)

Curious to know what it is all about? 

You’re welcomed to join the guessing game here and offer your best guess!

One of you will be the winner of a free project of your choice! 

There are a lot more to come!
Freebies, gifts and endless surprises, stay tuned!

If you want to be notified when the new class is announced, join the Express mailing list!

Now, Join the guessing @ PolyPediaOnlineExpress :)