Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Beauty in Bitterness" featuring Jean Nordmann and his lovely polymer clay creations

The polymer clay community helped the ones in need so many times since I became a polymer clay artist : Wendy Moore and Cynthia Tinapple's aid to the Nepalis women, Ron Lehocky medical kids center project, Melanie Muir recent donation for women organization and more charity donations that sometimes we are not aware of.

In this spirit, of assistance, compassion and desire to help the ones less fortunate, I want to introduce you to a very special person, a dear friend that I met via the internet a while ago while chatting polymer clay language.

His name is Jean Nordmann, and he loves art, fimo, creativity and most of all - to help people.

After a career in neurobiology Jean Nordmann decided to leave his research institute at the age of 44 and devote himself to humanitarian work.

Jean, Melanie Muir and myself at Switzerland
For more than 20 years he worked as a delegate and head of mission for the International Commitee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and various nongovernment organizations, stationed in African countries (Republic of Guinea, Congo, Liberia, Malawi, Mauritania, Somalia, Sudan, Chad, Central African Republic), in Papua (Papua, West Papua, Indonesia), Afghanistan und Ex-Yugoslavia.

A Nikon camera accompanied him on his missions, which Nordmann used to portray his closest colleagues and the people around him, capturing their seemingly unspectacular everyday life, which after taking a second glance- reveal very normal madness as regulated extreme situations.

About a year ago he had an exhibition called "Beauty in Bitterness" which focused on this Janus-faced phenomenon, these moments of light heartedness in times of despair, which Nordmann came across again and again on his missions and which is the common bond in all the various situations, ethnic groups and countries portrayed. The twinkling moments of beauty within all the bitterness of war and its contradictions. Curator was Alexandra Staheli.

The aim of the exhibition and of his photo book is to raise money to assist a school for AIDS orphans in the Republic of Central Africa.
Nordmann travels to Central Africa on a regular basis and brings directly the funds to the school where it is used to build and improve the classrooms, the kitchen, the dormitories, the well etc. and to purchase school material.
These people are going through such difficult life, it is beyond perception or logic.

As a polymer clay enthusiast he loves to work with polymer clay and teach children of all ages how to work with it.
In his trips he takes several packages of clay and plays with the children and with fimo in the middle of Africa, where there is no TV, internet or commercials, making canes, animals and giving these children a moment of Joy.

To raise money Jean is selling a unique line of wall puzzle magnets, a beautiful idea for a clever game anyone can play with kids or... adults! :)
His dream was to sell polymer clay work and give that money to the school, but as you all probably know that isn't an easy task.

His puzzles (12x12cm) are created with a specific design whether it is an animal, figure or other, drawing a draft on paper to fit each of the 9 parts and then creating them one by one using polymer clay.
After the tiles are cured he is gluing them on wood and each tile is glued to a magnet.
Isn't that wonderful?
Wouldn't you agree that this is an amazing gift?

For the complete collection of Jean's puzzle magnets you are welcome to visit this gallery -

The owl puzzle was given at the raffle on our Switzerland event. I am not sure who was the fortunate winner but it is simply wonderful.

If you are interested in sending Jean's school a donation, or purchasing one of his puzzles (if still on stock), please contact him at nordmannjj{at} and I am sure he will be happy to hear from you and chat a bit.

We take our life too much for granted, that was my first thought after browsing his book. I thank god or all the high powers for giving me everything I have. It is not always obvious.

Thank you for being here with me :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

PolyPediaOnline Students Gallery - When Cosmic Ceramic meets YOU!

There is a say - "It is important to do the right research as well as to do the research right."

When we begin working on a new idea – when ink meets paper, brush meets canvas, hands meet (polymer) clay – It sometimes takes days, weeks or months of simmering and doodling until these tiny fragments slowly fuse together, letting us know it is time to show up and give them a physical form.

Featured on Polymer Clay Daily and "The Polymer Arts" blog, the "Cosmic Ceramic" was that moment. An idea coming to life in the right form at the right time with the right possibilities.
With "a little" work, our research was done.

When Hilla and myself got your wonderful photos, we knew you guys enjoyed it as much as we did.

Feedback such as -
"Thank You so much for helping me get back into my art. For the last 6 months I have been out of the mood, but your Tutorial brought me out of that." 

"The technique is genius! I can't wait to try it!"

"Thank you for your hard work in producing these excellent quality classes! Everyone who loves polymer clay should see this work!"

This post is for you, my dear worldwide students and friends, who make me feel like their proud mentor and keep me smiling each and every day.
Thank you all for sending along your wonderful photos and letting us know how much you are enjoying your time with this tutorial. This is the reason we do what we do, with lot's of love.

Here is the Cosmic selection of worldwide artists -
Italian Ornella AMATUCCI, with a diploma in arts, she gives expression to her fantasy and creativity in different forms: painting, artistic handwriting, creating jewelry in polymer clay and using different materials. This is her inspiration to the Himalayan Totem Pendants



Wolfschmuck -Annette Krüger's moon rocks and Olympic design! 

Annette Krüger's moon rocks and Olympic design!

Lynn Pearson Shiner's Aponi bracelets - What a colorful combination!

Lynn Pearson Shiner's Aponi bracelets

UK artist Carrie Harvey with her wonderful leaf beads from the "New Hampshire Foliage" project
and more beads

Carrie Harvey's leaves
Carrie Harvey's beads

Kate Golding's beautiful colorful beads! Art and Craftsmanship have always been a part of her life. Thanks to her mother, who introduced Kate to a world of crafts and skills, her youth was filled with, drawing, painting, basket weaving, beading, macrame, sculpting ( including '70s version of polymer clay!)

Kate Golding's beautiful colorful beads!

Italian artist Cecilia Leonini created a dazzling necklace using the ceramic technique and used her own shapes and colours!
Cecilia necklace (based on Himalayan pendants tutorial)

French l'atelier de lilaroz says she is an Amateur polymer clay artist since Christmas 2004, here is her version of the GreenLand bracelet -

l'atelier de lilaroz Bracelet
Germany artist Simone Wagner's - schmuckunst's flickr photos are another tribute to the Olympic rings necklace as well as a selection of other colorful beads.

Simone's Necklace (Moon Rocks interpretation)

Simone's Necklace

Simone's Beads

Kathy's Projects
outoftimedesigns - Kathy Richardson is having a good time with the ceramic technique. She started with pendants then moved to the mini houses, tea boxes and finalized with the incense holders. She is a self-taught artist, likes to play with any and all kinds of crafts/arts. Jewelry is her latest love. She says she has a web site but tend to sell her things while she is wearing them... ;) 

Kathy's Time for Tea Project

Kathy's Mini Houses

Kathy's Pendants

Barbara Lessen shared with me her beautiful creations using the tutorial - beads, pendants and necklaces, all in fine touch and elegantly made.
and more of her work - here

Barbara Lessen faux ceramic

Theresa -Yari RB thinks that the cosmic ceramic beads are mostly.... Addictive! I agree!

Theresa's Beads
chicco47 which was featured several times in my blog is a polymer clay addict. As she says in her flickr page - "... Since 2007 infected by Polymer clay, cure is hopeless!"...
This is her version of the FireWorks beads and the Olympic Rings Necklace.  

chicco47's Beads

chicco47's Beads

Susanne Roewekamp (artesannus) took the ceramic beads one step forward that even I am asking myself "what did she do here?"...In her piece she used natural shells like molds. 

Susanne Roewekamp's Shell beads
Priscilla Lane's herbs signs are so cute!
This is another polymer clay possibility I have never considered before! 

Priscilla's herb signs

Lizzi Bizzi Zizzi Bucklow-Holt's super cute Mini Houses button beads!
You can transform any project to any idea!

Lizzi Bizzi Zizzi Bucklow-Holt Mini Houses button beads

Italian artist Ariane Freisleben is working very hard on her cosmic ceramic work, almost each week a new jewel is joining her collection.

Ariane Freisleben's cosmic ceramic work

Ariane Freisleben's cosmic ceramic work

Ariane Freisleben's cosmic ceramic work

Ariane Freisleben's cosmic ceramic work

Ariane Freisleben's cosmic ceramic work

Ariane Freisleben's cosmic ceramic - mosaic work

Iris Gaye has her original beads shape to mimic the ceramic appearance. Faces, birds and figurines. How cute!
Iris Gaye-Vuille designs

Katja Benevol Gabrijelcic from Slovenia also posted her flower and leaves jewelry, mix media design

katja's mix media polymer clay jewelry
and another one -

katja's mix media polymer clay jewelry

and last is Veronique Hoffmann with her moon rocks & necklaces!

Veronique Hoffmann
Veronique Hoffmann

Veronique Hoffmann

Waiting for your photo!
I'd be happy to share them in my next "students gallery" post!

Join the Cosmic celebration!
Thank You all!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Polymeri Online 12.7.13 | Sea Nudibranch, Painted carved polymer clay beads, Magical tiara, Summer sandals decor and Dobby the elf is free

Ines's Nudibranch
Yes, I know, I was away.
Can I use the summer excuse and say that I feel more busy then regular days? Crazy as it sound, I am supposed to be relaxed, no hurrying up in the morning to prepare sandwiches, kids are on vacation, and the opposite is true. no time.
Anyway, Promise to be good and post weekly ;)

Ines Fonseca's sea creatures - Nudibranch are both beautiful and interesting. I can see hints of translucent and opaque clay creating these.
Ines included a real gallery of these amazing creatures in her flickr. She discovered polymer clay as a teenager and through the years found out that what she enjoyed the most was the possibility to create expressive characters combining playfulness and color.
and her super cute Etsy shop - 

Lorraine's beads
Lorraine Vogel is LOVObeads. She is a graphic artist with an itch to create handmade polymer clay jewelry. Her jewelry are painted, stamped and carved, creating a unique organic feel. Pendants, beads and earrings are a part of her Etsy shop.

Polymer clay tiara by Jen Parrish
ParrishRelics (Jen Parrish) work is a combination of modern and old world techniques. Jewel toned stained glass and imagery joined with detailed sculpted frames, polymer clay work, semi-precious stones, or tiny glass vessels. In her Etsy shop you can find a mix of designs in a mix of materials.

Summer is here! Anarina's Decor
Anarina Amar's unique style leads her to find original decorations for her.... Sandals!
What can be more suitable for summer than sandal's polymer clay decor?
Anarina is from Greece and her technique feels like ceramics but in the same way mimic other type of materials. You can see more of her signature technique in her Flickr or Etsy.

Dobby is free to go to the beach
If you are like me, 2 left hands in sculpturing, Reinhard Fritz's work is a treat to the eye. With his amazing talent he brings life to imaginary or real figures. Taken from Harry Potter's books - Dobby TheElf is one of his recent projects. Take a look at his detailed step-by-step pictures to see his process.

Have a great weekend!