Thursday, August 27, 2009

Polymeri Online 27.8.09

b.mariatheresia's stunning necklace, made of short tubish beads decorated with bullzeyes and millefiori canes, all kind of colors, a joy to the eye.

verfilzt_und_zugenaeht's photostream in flickr has some interesting polymer clay creations in it, the semi-translucent earings caught my eye

Alex Hernandez from Spain, met him in Nottingham, UK, while i was teaching in Polymer Play Days 2009, a talented guy (and family too!) his designes are full of character and he mixes millefiori, mokume gane, mica shifts and sculpturings.

Ilex is an artist from Germany (i think), she (?) uses lines, cuts, curves, bumps, molds? in clean pendants design, i love the look of polymer clay when it it in it's almost "nude" natural look.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Polymeri Online 20.8.09

MARLOU B. / Marlen from France is an illustrator end creator. her favorite technique is photographing sculpted clay figures in fairytale decorations (photo)

Three Ways to Make Your Own Cookie Cutters by CraftyGoat

Troy Stith writes fiction and comics but recently become obsessed with everything super sculpey and resin.

A Cane tutorial, this time it's a kind of fabric (similar to scottish cloths?) can't remember the name... great violet design!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Polymeri Online 9.8.09

Cat's home lady is designing cute smiling cats which made me smile too, her humoristic sculpture's of cats (and some dogs) makes the animal kingdom sweeter, she is from Izmir, Turkey.

This tutorial demonstrates how to use a ball marble to bake a cabochon using black acrylic color too - great result.

SPecimen7 monsters are hand sculpted, The current collection of specimens is curated by Shing Yin Khor, a Los Angeles area artist and designer. each specimen has it's own story :)

Need some jewelry displays? - Timothy Adam Designs's Modern unique metal jewelry, art, furniture clocks jewelry displays and much more. Every item is handmade and designed by Timothy Adam.

Friday, August 7, 2009

NYC was great! now headed to Chicago

This past week was so great!

Dh and I took a short vacation to visit US, few days in New york city and now we are on our way to chicago for a week.

It seems like i just been here few weeks ago, always a pleasure to come back to this city and even more fun to see places i remember :)

With some of you guys recommendations i went to check which was like getting into heaven! this store is the place i want to live in! i spent about 1.5 hours in there (i think, if not more), thank you so much my facebook friends who told me to visit there :)

Cafe Wha was also a great night, and shopping, shopping and more shopping!

I will be posting some links soon, didn't forget you guys :)

take care!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Polymer Clay Bookmarks

Polymer Clay Bookmarks
Originally uploaded by Iris Mishly - איריס משלי.

I found some cool bookmark bases, they are so cute and comfortable i had to make some, after making some prototypes and testing how they sell, i took them with me to one of the fairs i am doing, it was a great success! people wanted them as personal gifts with names on them.

another addictive product :)