Thursday, August 27, 2009

Polymeri Online 27.8.09

b.mariatheresia's stunning necklace, made of short tubish beads decorated with bullzeyes and millefiori canes, all kind of colors, a joy to the eye.

verfilzt_und_zugenaeht's photostream in flickr has some interesting polymer clay creations in it, the semi-translucent earings caught my eye

Alex Hernandez from Spain, met him in Nottingham, UK, while i was teaching in Polymer Play Days 2009, a talented guy (and family too!) his designes are full of character and he mixes millefiori, mokume gane, mica shifts and sculpturings.

Ilex is an artist from Germany (i think), she (?) uses lines, cuts, curves, bumps, molds? in clean pendants design, i love the look of polymer clay when it it in it's almost "nude" natural look.


  1. Thank you very much Iris, I am very happy to have met you, I hope to see you soon!!

  2. Wow! Super cool stuff. Thanks for sharing.