Thursday, February 26, 2009

Polymeri Online 26.2.09

Scented polymer clay? i didn't know it's possible, but it is - here's a tutorial for adding a scent to polymer clay... this tutorial is by Kimberly, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, she lived and breathed art and creativity, and combining arts and crafts with foods and desserts, she is creating a world of cupcakes, cookies, and the most delightful confections imaginable!
her etsy store -

thank you Roz Petalz Studio for this link!

Tina is sharing with us her dried flower pendant tutorial using liquid clay, heat gun, glitter and of course a dried flower.

Not sure this was uploaded before - here's a cane Matisse by our dear french friends - MAGNIFIQUE!

Yesterday was Family day in Israel, i found this cute Family Ornament Tutorial, this may come handy in the next family event!

Sue-Lin is using my heart beads for her jewelry, here is one of her love bracelet -

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Need an advice on a very (not really) important issue ;)

Do i really post this question? Oh dear, i must say i feel ridiculous, asking you this...

Although it's nonsense, (and sometimes we are allowed to ask silly Q in a polymer clay blog), a poll is a poll & i need an advice about an icon, yes, an avatar - my avatar on flickr & blog :)

What is your opinion -
do I keep my beads pyramid as my avatar on flickr,
or change it to my new manga face?

Keep what's known and familiar or change to a new one?

you're welcome to comment! please help me decide and i thank you for releasing me from sleepless nights LOL ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Polymeri Online 19.2.09

This week it's all about millefiori canes (which are my favorite as you know), i found a batch of cool links with some tutorials and photos

zustitch made some canes (and a cake tutorial) although in russion (i think), you can follow the photos - i didn't have any luck with the online dictionary - anyone knows what is the title of this cane? some kind of fruit? flower?
it's a thistle cane, scottish favorite flower - Thank's Zu :)

a yummy cake tutorial by her too

X stitch cane

cristalline made an AMAZING rose cane - she's so great sharing her accurate and beautiful tutorials (see photo)

Faces canes! heurebleue probably had a great workshop for face canes, they made amazing canes in france and shared some great photos with us!

Last is a brown wheat-leaf cane - french but easy to follow

Monday, February 16, 2009

Winner in the Valentine Hunt

This was a real fun game!! all members from PCAGOE made a Valentine Scavenger Hunt and all Etsy users and guests were invited!

In Hebrew we call it something like "search for the hidden treasure" :)

well, i had to make a drawing, from the 30 people sending me they found the hidden photo, and you know something? i was so sorry i couldn't give each and everyone the prize! i know how it feels when i am trying to win something and not's funny but i suddenly saw how it looks from the giver side...

anyway, i have a winner! it's Jennifer, and she will be getting a gift set of 4 of my heart beads from a new set i made - "Glowing Bloom", it's a green style set, made with FIMO glow in the dark base, so some of the beads really glow! 13 of them are now for sale in my Etsy store.

thank you all & Congratulation Jennifer!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Polymeri Online 12.2.09

Toni Ransfield from NZ has opened her new etsy store! she will be selling her beautiful kaleidoscopes & flowers canes and jewelry, the air in NZ is probably the best because Toni's work is so perfect!

little mochi's creations are sweet and cute, i am not sure they are polymer clay but clay they are...

Ma-belette / cecilia mabcrea, is 37 years old living in China since may 2008 where she found a position as development manager in Textile. she discovered polymer clay 2 years ago and this is her favourite hobby. she designs the polymer clay pieces between 5 and 8.00 in the morning where light is the best and temperature not too hot. she loves all colors and all techniques & try to mix to find new developments.

Mandikoss works with polymer clay - i loved her Mokume Gane beads!

This is a great info source about Etsy and things you should know - Treasury tutorials, Labeling, Gift Certificate knowledge and more!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine Scavenger Hunt is online!

Come, visit & win prizes!!

check my previous post and follow the instructions :)

good luck!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Polymeri Online 5.2.09

Jessica Fortner is an illustrator from Toronto, Canada. She creates her illustrations by fabricating environments and characters out of polymer clay (Super Sculpey) and other materials that she finds. After staging them they are photographed.

One of my polymer clay friends in Israel - Daniella made a beautiful piece for a contest, the subject was "Israel celebrating 60 years", she made a dove bird with seed beads and polymer clay beads, the dove represents hope and inspired by our Israeli solider Gilad Schalit, who is being held in the Gaza Strip by Hamas for 956 days now. We are waiting for him to come home.
Daniella won 2nd place.

♫HeidYMetaL♥ / Encarni from Madrid is working with Fimo and felt in her spare time and could not say which of the two things she likes most!

entrelasnubesdetupelo personalities sculpturing has lot's of characters! just looking at their faces you start thinking what they are thinking...from Cadiz, Spain.

Hairspray for transfers? sound interesting! check this tutorial, although not meant for polymer clay - this could be an option! glad to hear if you had good/not good results!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentine Scavenger Hunt!

Find Love with PCAGOE Artists!
The members of PCAGOE, the Polymer Clay Artist Guild of Etsy, are sponsoring a Valentine Scavenger Hunt. To participate simply visit my shop beginning February 6th 2009 and continuing until midnight e.s.t. of February 12, 2009, and find the Valentine hidden among my items.

When you find the Valentine, convo me through Etsy and give me either the URL of the listing where the image is hidden, or the Transaction Number for the Item. That's it!
You must be a registered Etsy user to qualify, so if you have not already registered, please take a moment to do so, and you can join in our fun! Registering is fast and easy.
On February 14, 2009, I will draw a winner at random using a random generator. I will notify the winner by return convo and issue you a set of 4 of my heart beads! I will also post the winner's name here on my blog.
Here is a list of the other member shops participating in the hunt. Every member is offering a different prize! And be sure to check our team website for a complete list of participating shops!

irismishly (me)

Polymer Clay Image Transfer Demo Link

Just got a mail from Karen McIntosh - she did a Polymer Clay Image Transfer Online Demo, It is on ustream site and is 93 minutes long, slower connections may have to wait a few moments for it to load.
she tried to cover a number of transfer techinques that people had been wondering about, it's a great resource.

thank you Karen :)

Her blog with some images for transfer