Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Need an advice on a very (not really) important issue ;)

Do i really post this question? Oh dear, i must say i feel ridiculous, asking you this...

Although it's nonsense, (and sometimes we are allowed to ask silly Q in a polymer clay blog), a poll is a poll & i need an advice about an icon, yes, an avatar - my avatar on flickr & blog :)

What is your opinion -
do I keep my beads pyramid as my avatar on flickr,
or change it to my new manga face?

Keep what's known and familiar or change to a new one?

you're welcome to comment! please help me decide and i thank you for releasing me from sleepless nights LOL ;)


  1. Yipee! First comment! I like your new manga face. They are both nice. Maybe you can switch them every three months or something.

  2. There are NO silly questions.... ever!

    I say keep the beads.... it shows you as a PC artist immediately. Unless you don't want to be known as a PC artist right off the bat.

    And if the beads are already known...and you want to be found easily... keep the beads.

    Just my 2cents worth.

  3. Iris, you are known world wide for your talent and beautiful work! One can spot your work immediately, the beads are a given. Keep them :)

  4. although your avatar looks very good, I would advise to keep your beads pyramid. Avatars are looking very similar, because the pictures are so small. And your beads pyramid is well known.

  5. If it weren't for my VAST experience in Internet Identity Syndrome, I'd say the Manga. Given such experience however, I say stick with the pyramid, but every now and again change the items IN the pyramid.

  6. Magna! and then change later to beads, then back to magna and so on :D

  7. I like the manga face, too. Change is good.

  8. never change a winning team! I definitely would stick to the beads - as Ulrike said, all mangas look similar - your bead pyramid is unique. If you like to make a change then update the pyramid to a new one with new beads;)

    big hug

  9. Add a necklace to manga's neck and "Iris" on a T-shirt :)))

  10. Dear Iris,

    I like your little real pict
    in your blog very much ...
    If you could resize it, I think THIS would be my favourite...
    You look sooo sympathic....

  11. thank you guys for all the input! desicion is tough! i appreciate your cooperation! :)

  12. Hi Iris! I think you should either keep your beads or switch to the real photo of you. The Manga is really cute but it doesn't give a sense of who you are.

    It really depends on what you need to do for your business. Do you need to sell more product or build more relationships?

    I also would recommend sticking with one when you do decide. People may not recognize it's you if you keep switching Avatars.

  13. One thing I love about your work is your use of color and the beads really represent that. I really like the beads as it represents your art and use of color. I like the suggestion someone gave about changing your pile of beads every so often keeping the same style.


  14. I like the Manga face. It is soooooooooo representative of you.

  15. NO Not the Manga, even though that necklace looks familiar!!! If anything change your bead pyramid or to your cane pile!! NO MANGA!!!

    Hugs and Love,

  16. I am no help LOL I like both! and I am in the same predicament, as I have like 10 different icons/avatars and want to consolidate into one (or 2??) :oP