Thursday, February 26, 2009

Polymeri Online 26.2.09

Scented polymer clay? i didn't know it's possible, but it is - here's a tutorial for adding a scent to polymer clay... this tutorial is by Kimberly, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, she lived and breathed art and creativity, and combining arts and crafts with foods and desserts, she is creating a world of cupcakes, cookies, and the most delightful confections imaginable!
her etsy store -

thank you Roz Petalz Studio for this link!

Tina is sharing with us her dried flower pendant tutorial using liquid clay, heat gun, glitter and of course a dried flower.

Not sure this was uploaded before - here's a cane Matisse by our dear french friends - MAGNIFIQUE!

Yesterday was Family day in Israel, i found this cute Family Ornament Tutorial, this may come handy in the next family event!

Sue-Lin is using my heart beads for her jewelry, here is one of her love bracelet -