Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Polymeri Online 24.6.14 | Graphic polymer clay bangles, Baby jar village, Grass is greener on the other side, Carving chips, Nail your extruder and Mix and match

Lora & Jan's graphic bangles
Lora strong line of jewellery is the result of her collaboration with her partner Jan. Together they are a Slovenian couple that likes working with polymer clay so much that they decided to share it with the rest of the world.
Their first attempts with polymer clay go way back, but they started working with it seriously on 2011.
Some of their bangles are created in sophisticated techniques such as back filling, you can check it out in her 3D design - http://www.lorasrobas.com/3d-tiles/

Don't miss their Pinterest gallery for more -http://www.pinterest.com/lorasrobas/lorasrobas-jewelry/

Build your own village with baby food jars
Could you guess what these are made of? Baby food jars!
Not only snow globes can be made from these small jars, we can build a whole new village with it!
Russian artist Toy Belle is taking her jars and building a fun and colourful neighbourhood. You are welcome to see more houses in her blog - http://toy-belle.livejournal.com/

Toy Belle mention Belkomor as her inspiration to the grass technique on her jars.
This is a very time consuming technique but the final result is very impressive.

Grass mirror/pond/beautiful design
Tutorial included!
The technique class can be found here - http://kopilka.rv.ua/?p=6930
Belkomor's carved chips necklace
Take a look at Belkomor piece posted on April this year. She mention the design was inspired by a colour palette posted from time to time in the Russian group.

The techniques used in the decoration are chips, carving, stamps and tinted wax varnish.

Use a nail when you need
a hollow extruded bead?
Need hollow extruded beads? 
Don't have the core adaptors? Have you thought about using nails?
Isabel really wanted to create hollow beads for a little flag project but didn't have the extruder core adaptors. I haven't tried this solution but it's worth trying, and it's free!
Thank you the girls from the Israeli forum for this link.

Tampinha's miniature goods
Mix fabric, crochet, metal, findings and clay and what do you get? Super cute miniatures and designs!
Portugal's Tampinha flickr gallery is full of sweetness. 
You can see miniature food with crochet decorations with scarfs and felt. Beautiful colours and combinations.

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