Monday, December 29, 2008

Polymeri Online 29.12.08

Last Polymeri for 2008 :)

Alexandra Garnik makes beads, pendants and necklaces of polymer clay, she enhance those pendants with seed beeds which makes them so beautiful.

Malt Suger has sweet tasted millefiori goodies - bag hangers, buckles - canes at their best

OrganicOdysseys / Zayit Galefull specializing in Judaic art and polymer clay art fashioned from organic produce, she explores all the wonders of the organic farm through her chosen medium, polymer clay.

Rolling beads? why don't you use shampoo bottles as a tool? a great low-budget recycled accessory!

and speaking of nalette's photostream, check her antiqued items using polymer clay, faux ivory etc..

last sweet - - Mary Tempesta, born and grew up in Sydney, Australia and living in Italy for the past 12 years Polymer clay is her passion…it hardly feels like work to her! (and she is so right!) she started working with polymer clay about 13 years ago, she makes animals, dolls and fairies and witches, music boxes, picture frames and jewelery.

Stay tuned for 1st January voting on polymer clay artists guild of etsy january challenge - black and white this time! LOTS of prizes for voters! i will be posting as a reminder :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In 2009 i wish i...

In 2009 i wish i...

dream the pinkest dreams
laugh as if every minute is funny and joyfull
believe that all wrong can be fixed
love my beloved and my friends
smile as if every day is a miracle
dance even if i do it in my own living room :)

have a great 2009!

This is my entry for the PCAGOE January Challenge themed black and white.
I used pearled polymer clay (premo), aluminum discs, The necklace is 2 sided so it can be weared in both sides, black, white and grey shades.

Go to jan.1-7 to vote for your favorite!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Hanukka!

More Hanukka's goodies!

Shay Aaron's yummy (no calories) "sufganiyot" - donuts - see photo :)

Kathi's (dragonglass) slug menorah

Hag Sameach!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Polymeri Online 18.12.08

Angela, from Israel, is making unusuall Hamsas and wall decor, she is extruding thin thin snakes and coiling it around in various shapes and colors. stamping, imprinting, powders - sky is the limit for Angela's work.

Prisma - Brenna, an eighteen year-old, college freshman who enjoys crafting & all things handmade, vintage/retro, geeky, & japanese! currently studying at Georgia Highlands college for a two-year degree in Business Administration. she would love to someday own her own boutique.

ki k. kuroiva from san paulo says her imagination drives her far away, she says she needs to learn new things. languages. crochet. felt. new techniques. design things. how to sew decently and more...

Sidi. lives in the south of Spain and since she remember she's always made things. she works part time and use most of her free time to designing and make Lasidi items. her favourite materials are wool and fabrics, but also dyes, colours in general and polymer clay... she makes
jewelry, scarves and bags for her online stores and lots of experimentals for herself and other works.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Polymer Play Days Event, 30th, 31th of May and 1st June 2009, Nottinghamshire, England

You are all welcome to Polymer Play Days, an international event held in Nottinghamshire, England on the 30th, 31th of May and 1st June 2009 - 3 days of exciting polymer clay workshops with known teachers such as: Donna Kato (USA), Sylvie Peraud (France), Natalia Garcia de Leaniz (Spain) Alison Gallant (UK), Iris Mishly - myself (Israel) & Daniel Torres Mancera.

All details (photos, registration information) can be found on this site -

or email Helen Cox

Places are limited so better hurry! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Jewel Case 2009 Calendar - need one?

I have been playing with some photos and made a useful (recycled) desk calendar for 2009!
You can buy empty jewel cases at your local computer store or you can recycle one of your existing jewel cases and store the CD it contained someplace else.

To display your calendar in a CD jewel case just follow these instructions

Download this PDF file with 12 photos of my favorite beads and polymer clay art

and there you have it! a nice 2009 polymer clay calendar! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Disc Chic

As some of you probably know, i am working as a part time web designer in a computing division. As so i am surrounded with geek and computer stuff, so i figured, why won't i use them to create art? This is a great opportunity for recycling too, take apart an old keyboard, mother board, anything, well, I started collecting aluminum metal round discs.
i LOVE the mix of metal and polymer clay and HAD to do something with them. The result is Disc Chic colar, i am wearing this one with a black outfit and nothing else needed ;) it's a little similar to the felt designes i saw somewhere and the good thing is - any technique can fit in those and possibilites are endless!

Polymeri Online 11.12.08

Ayala Art (martha) loved art since the first time she drew a long magical line that went from paper to the table, and from there to a wall. she enjoys working with all kinds of media! From watercolors & acrylics to pastels; loves painting on fun surfaces like gourds, canvas, silk or simple pieces of wood, and also love sculpting and making Art Dolls. check out her sculpting and hair tutorial!

Sera Pinwill from The Fabulous Frippist makes beads and cabs made from polymer clay, Non wearables such as photo frames and dolls are also handcrafted from polymer clay. The elaborate, bead embroidered collars have been designed primarly around a goddess theme. A polymer or glass cabachon focal is made to complement a shape, colour or other design element. The rest of the collar is designed around it.

Miriam Albasini studied fine arts at Granada and has always had an interest in sculpture. When she discovered polymer clay about a year ago she went crazy and filled the house with wacky little characters. She's been doing a lot of nativity sets recently and there is a run on pet broches, too. Her web page is available in english and in spanish. Enjoy!

This lovely Matisse cane found in the french blog - paroledepate - cool!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Polymeri Online 4.12.08

Stéphanie Kilgast is a 23 years old architecture student living near Paris. she loves doing creative stuff, like miniatures, but also knitting, painting, drawing and architecture, Miniatures are her actual passion. luckily for us every donut has about 1 calorie ;)

check out the 7th Annual of The Ugly Necklace Contest, 2009 :)

Fairy Fantasy by kathleen Engelen - started creating years ago, probably when she was eleven years old, her mother came home from a fair. She brought some books about how to clay tiny figures with fimo. Kathleen immediately started sculpting, and how they were right! she fell in love with this clay immediately and still after all these years love to sculpt with polymer clay.

The Fantasy art of Nicole West, she has been an artist pretty much her whole life. her mom tells her that she saw it in her as a small child when she would bite animal shapes out of her toast. she was lucky to have a mom that let her run free with her artistic muse, even as far as letting her draw murals on my bedroom wall :)

A project! Textured pendant by Cyndi Lavin