Thursday, December 4, 2008

Polymeri Online 4.12.08

Stéphanie Kilgast is a 23 years old architecture student living near Paris. she loves doing creative stuff, like miniatures, but also knitting, painting, drawing and architecture, Miniatures are her actual passion. luckily for us every donut has about 1 calorie ;)

check out the 7th Annual of The Ugly Necklace Contest, 2009 :)

Fairy Fantasy by kathleen Engelen - started creating years ago, probably when she was eleven years old, her mother came home from a fair. She brought some books about how to clay tiny figures with fimo. Kathleen immediately started sculpting, and how they were right! she fell in love with this clay immediately and still after all these years love to sculpt with polymer clay.

The Fantasy art of Nicole West, she has been an artist pretty much her whole life. her mom tells her that she saw it in her as a small child when she would bite animal shapes out of her toast. she was lucky to have a mom that let her run free with her artistic muse, even as far as letting her draw murals on my bedroom wall :)

A project! Textured pendant by Cyndi Lavin


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