Thursday, December 11, 2008

Polymeri Online 11.12.08

Ayala Art (martha) loved art since the first time she drew a long magical line that went from paper to the table, and from there to a wall. she enjoys working with all kinds of media! From watercolors & acrylics to pastels; loves painting on fun surfaces like gourds, canvas, silk or simple pieces of wood, and also love sculpting and making Art Dolls. check out her sculpting and hair tutorial!

Sera Pinwill from The Fabulous Frippist makes beads and cabs made from polymer clay, Non wearables such as photo frames and dolls are also handcrafted from polymer clay. The elaborate, bead embroidered collars have been designed primarly around a goddess theme. A polymer or glass cabachon focal is made to complement a shape, colour or other design element. The rest of the collar is designed around it.

Miriam Albasini studied fine arts at Granada and has always had an interest in sculpture. When she discovered polymer clay about a year ago she went crazy and filled the house with wacky little characters. She's been doing a lot of nativity sets recently and there is a run on pet broches, too. Her web page is available in english and in spanish. Enjoy!

This lovely Matisse cane found in the french blog - paroledepate - cool!

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  1. Iris, thanks! I love your blog, you always have all kinds of cool things to see!