Thursday, December 18, 2008

Polymeri Online 18.12.08

Angela, from Israel, is making unusuall Hamsas and wall decor, she is extruding thin thin snakes and coiling it around in various shapes and colors. stamping, imprinting, powders - sky is the limit for Angela's work.

Prisma - Brenna, an eighteen year-old, college freshman who enjoys crafting & all things handmade, vintage/retro, geeky, & japanese! currently studying at Georgia Highlands college for a two-year degree in Business Administration. she would love to someday own her own boutique.

ki k. kuroiva from san paulo says her imagination drives her far away, she says she needs to learn new things. languages. crochet. felt. new techniques. design things. how to sew decently and more...

Sidi. lives in the south of Spain and since she remember she's always made things. she works part time and use most of her free time to designing and make Lasidi items. her favourite materials are wool and fabrics, but also dyes, colours in general and polymer clay... she makes
jewelry, scarves and bags for her online stores and lots of experimentals for herself and other works.